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Katelyn Baran and Annie Eckhardt

No description

Anna Eckhardt

on 24 October 2017

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Transcript of Katelyn Baran and Annie Eckhardt

Danica is a 32 year old woman who is from California, but lives in Seattle with her husband. She is Christian, and considers herself to be liberal. She does not belong to a specific church, which her mother's side of the family doesn't agree with, and instead irregularly attends a nondenominational church with her husband.
Our character's name is
She lives in the year
Family Culture
Her father's health is failing because he has Huntington's disease, which is genetic. He has lost his memory, which has drawn Danica away from her faith and away from her mother, who has turned to prayer. Danica wants to have children, but is afraid she will have a child in the same condition as her father. She and her husband don't want to see their children suffer.
Genetic Testing
a medical test that identifies changes in chromosomes, genes or proteins.
it can determine a person's chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder.
it is voluntary.
Katelyn Baran and Annie Eckhardt
Danica is torn because she wants the best for her kids and sees her dad suffering and unable to remember her. She has had such a difficult time with her mother and finding answers and solace in the church. She still feels that having a "designer" baby might be wrong, but could be the answer to her genetic concerns.
We hope that Danica's husband and mother can be supportive of whatever choice she makes about her future children. This is a decision that she needs to make based on her own body and values, not another person's opinion.
Our Hopes
What we think...
We want her to continue her faith in her own way, and not to feel it is wrong for believing and worshiping in a way different from what her more traditional mother wants.
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