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Rowan of Rin

No description

Erin Dela Cruz

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Rowan of Rin

Rowan of Rin
Chapter 2 - Sheba
Before they venture to the mysterious mountain however, Strong John, Marlie, and Rowan, although unwillingly, pay a visit to the wise old, yet scary and nasty Sheba. Sheba tells them nothing but the mountain won't test their strength, along with a creepy prophecy. Rowan is so frightened that Strong John gets angered at Sheba, who in return throws a stick at Rowan's head leaving a light gash.
Chapter 3 - The Heroes
When they return to Rin, thinking that Sheba did not help them, six heroes volunteer for the journey to save their village. Strong John, Bronden, Marlie, the twins Val and Ellis, and lastly Allun. Later that evening, when Rowan went to sleep, he dreamed. He dreamed of the nasty Sheba and her wicked prophecy.
Chapter 4 - Seeing is Believing
After Rowan's horrible dream, he searches for the stick that the evil Sheba had thrown at him, to help him think. But we starts examining the stick, the bark begins to peel away, revealing a parchment that had drawn and written on it, a map of the mountain. When he hands it to the others to show them, the map disappears and they soon find out that only Rowan can hold it - Sheba had cursed it. After a whole lot of arguing, Rowan musters up his courage and chooses to go with them on the journey, for the sake of Star and the other Bukshah.
Chapter 1 - The Meeting
Rowan is a young, timid boy who lives in the small village of Rin. But now the village is in threat because its beloved Bukshah are dying of dehydration. To save the village, the people of Rin decide to venture to the top of the large mountain, where the stream for the Bukshah begins, and possibly where the ghastly dragon awaits.
The character of Rowan shows that he is not the bravest child in Rin, probably the most weakest. I think its a brilliant fact because it allows future character development. And the plot line in general is very interesting and leaves a lot of room for readers to think deeper about what can happen.
At this point in the story, all the villagers of Rin are fretting immensely about what could happen to their home. But Rowan, and his little sister Annad are too worried about the Bukshah, especially their Bukshah friend, Star.
Like Annad, who was crying over the thought of loosing her dearest friend, Star, I have also once cried over a friend that I knew I might loose soon. I can imagine the helplessness and fear that she felt because I have felt that before several times in life.
If I had to visit the old horrendous woman that some children call a witch, I also would be frightened because with the terrifying description of Sheba, just imagining what she looks like disgusts and horrifies me.
Sheba seems like a very difficult person to reason with. It's like she enjoys toying with peoples minds and confusing them with prophecies. Although, I do think that she is not so emotionless as she does help them in the end. After all, the village dying also effects her too.
The connection I had in this chapter was with Rowan. At the beginning of the chapter, it speaks of his father Sefton, the village hero, but he died saving Rowan. Rowan has to live up to his father's expectation but cannot do it. I am used to that feeling whenever I play volleyball because my mother always says she was called one of the best in her school when she played.
"Seven hearts the journey make,
seven ways the heart will break..."
To be fair, I don't think any one these days wants to venture where no one ever goes. I know i wouldn't have volunteered to go the top of that mountain. But I have a lot of respect for the six who volunteered, because they would do such a dangerous thing to save their home and the Bukshah.

Chapter 5 - The Mountain
Rowan and the other heroes have begun their journey, after their hard goodbyes to their families, and in Rowan's case, Star. As the long walk ahead begins, Rowan remembers the prophecy that nasty Sheba gave them. As he dwells on the thought, the seven heroes eventually reach a cliff-side they have to climb, and Rowan was not looking forward to it.
When the six volunteered for the journey, they were probably all wondering in fear, although they didn't show it, about what lies in the journey ahead. Especially those who knew they had people to leave behind. No one could be that emotionless that they wouldn't care to think about their families and friends who would worry about them. Even the fearless Bronden. She was probably scared on the inside as well, even if only a little bit.
My connection in this chapter is when, Rowan dreams of Sheba's prophecy. He worries about it so much that he ended up having a nightmare. That happened once to me, when someone once questioned me about my actions - being quiet and shy. I was restless at night and fretted about it until I fell asleep.
Sheba had purposely cursed the map so it would only appear in the hands of shy Rowan, forcing him to go with the other six volunteers. It's a bit mean, that's what I thought at first, to put such a young scared boy in a dangerous quest like this. But then, Sheba obviously has reason for it, other than payback for Strong John asking Sheba to beg Rowan's pardon.
"The boy cannot come. The danger is too great. And he is too young."
~ Strong John
Chapter 6 - The Forest
As the heroes continue, a small prophecy appears in one of the empty gaps on the map. They tried to decipher the metaphors but for the moment disregarding it. The seven follow the marked path on the map, and find it begins to lead them into a deep part of the forest, covered in silk webs so thick you couldn't see beyond it, and ginormous, black, velvety spiders. And it all blocked their path. Ellis took one glance at the spiders and immediately tensed up, and eventually, not being able to take it anymore, fled and headed back to Rin. Even though they were really shocked, they had to continue. They figured out what the prophecy meant, and with the help of a mirror and the sunlight, they were able to continue their path.
Chapter 7 - Dreams
Whilst taking a rest, Rowan discovers a new prophecy appeared on the map, and trying to figure it out what it means, assigns Bronden to lead as they believe
'let your guide be made by wood'
means have the sturdiest person lead the group. Their path leads the group into a swamp and soon Rowans spots Star in trouble and jumps into the mud to save her, but find it begins to suck him in. After the group pull him out, they find it was simply an illusion tricking them into going into the mud.
Chapter 8 - Flesh and Blood
The group struggle to resist the temptation to go to the illusion calling out to them, but the group are surprised when Bronden, who they thought had no one she cared for, was sobbing and wailing to go after a girl named 'Minna', who Rowan later learns was Bronden's childhood friend who died saving a Bukshah. Once they get Bronden out, she's distraught and decides to go back to Rin, followed by Val who could not last without her twin. and so, the quest continued, leaving the rest up to the remaining four.
Chapter 9 - Moving on
While Rowan, Allun, Strong John and Marlie take a rest, not mentioning Bronden, Val or Ellis, another prophecy appears on the map. As usual, they discussed what it meant, as they continue their trek. Rowan notices their path leads them towards a steep cliff side, one that was impossible to climb, but as they got nearer, they found a less steeper tunnel inside a cave, leading where they need to go.
Chapter 10 - Endless Nights
As they walk through the tunnel, the beautiful gemstones stuck in the wall, somehow guide their way, leading them to a cave. Allun begins mumbling that he cannot continue... as he points out it is full of water. The other three are shocked to learn that Allun could never swim, and never learned from fear of being ridiculed, so he stayed behind and made camp at the entrance of the cave, waiting for their return.
Chapter 11 - The Snare
The next prophecy appears and it leads them to identical twin tunnels. As they try the one on the right, the tunnel gets narrower as they continue, the one on the left "smells of death". The three argue that they should just take the narrow tunnel. When they start though, taking only what will fit, Marlie starts panicking, as it turns out, she fears enclosed spaces. John wants Marlie to go back she obliges, but he also wants Rowan to go with her. Marlie and Rowan insist that John cannot go alone, so as Marlie treks back to Allun, Rowan and Strong John continue on.
Chapter 12 - Bravest Heart
Chapter 13 - The Answer
Because of the rough and narrow tunnel, Strong John was struggling to fit through, and by the end of the tunnel, was suffering from cuts and grazes. He claims that he cannot continue and wants to sleep, but in the latest prophecy 'Sleep is Death' so Rowan forces John to not close his eyes and continue the rest of the journey with him. They arrive at the top of the mountain, a vast cavern or snow and ice. And the huge, ancient, terrible, Dragon of the mountain, was there to greet them.

Even though Rowan was frightened for his life, he saw that the dragon was in pain. He also notices the dragon had not been eating recently but there was still blood in his mouth. Fearfully, Rowan looks into the dragon’s mouth and sees a branch stuck in his mouth. Knowing how to take it out, as Star had once got a stick stuck in her mouth too, he reached in and took it out. Once it is out, the dragon began to breath it’s fire, melting all the snow and ice, creating a flow of rushing water that catches along Rowan and Strong John, taking them back to the stream in Rin. And finally, the village had been saved, all thanks to the most unlikeliest hero, Rowan of Rin.
It is revealed in this chapter that Strong John has other feelings for Rowan's mother than her being his best friends wife. Quite a development that surprised me, but interest me in what it could lead to. Honestly though, if I were in his shoes, it be a huge dilemma because he would be responsible for any harm that happened to Rowan on the journey therefore destroying any chance he had with Jiller, Rowan’s mother.

Like John, I’d once had to risk being involved with something that could potentially destroy the person I care for, and it’s not an easy thing to do because it ruins their perception of you.

Already, Rowan is having a hard time with the journey, and the others are acting scornfully towards him for being a weakling. It’s really something that I would scold people for doing, but you can’t really blame them because from the beginning it was obvious he could be quite useless.
I understand that he must be feeling so embarrassed and guilty that he has to be dragged along with them only because he carries the map. He has to put up with the others who aren’t really bothering to cover up that they didn’t want him to come.
I immediately have a connection to that because several times, I’ve been the weakest player in some of my volleyball games when I have to play in another team.
Ellis was one person I didn’t expect to have a fear of spiders. But I don’t think any of the group did. But gosh it was actually really surprising. I mean, I know my brother, when he was about 5 or so, used to be fascinated by them.
But everyone has their childish fear or two, so I guess at least someone would have a fear of those disgusting things. From the way it was described, Ellis must’ve been so scared. I remember thinking whilst reading this part, that I could feel that aura of fear.
I can connect with Ellis though, because I will admit that I did have a huge fear of spiders when I was little, even though I’ve gotten over it. I remember I used to scream so loudly and run around so frantically my parents would think there was a dead body in my room.

The prophecy says ‘
Close your ears to loved ones cries
’, meaning that whoever the illusion took form of was one of the people they cared for most. But Rowan didn’t see his mother, or his little sister Annad, or any person at all. He saw
. That is personally one of the cutest things in the book because he cares more about his Bukshah than his family. It just goes to show that pets will always have a special place in people’s hearts, even if some more than others.
It must’ve been so tempting to jump into the mud after hearing the cries of people you love. I really couldn’t‘ imagine how they resisted. But I think the person affected most of it was Val, because she heard the cry of Ellis. I know that twins are pretty much other halves of the same person, and if you have a good relationship with them, it breaks your heart to be apart from them. And Ellis had just abandoned Val, so it must’ve been like her heart ripping into shreds.
As a connection, I’d read about an incident like this in another book, Catching Fire. Katniss thought she heard her sister, Prim, calling out for her, in pain, and it was like torture to her. It’s not the only other time I’ve read something like that either, but even so, it always hurts to know a character is in pain because of something as horrible as that.
Its really sad, if you think about it. Using the person’s most loved one, against them is just a horrible thing to do, although it happens almost every time in stories. But for someone who acts like nothing bothers them, it actually affects them more because it shows everyone that they actually do have a weakness.
Bronden must’ve felt so helpless and weaker than she’d ever been. She painfully knew her best friend had already died, but when she heard Minna calling for her, it must’ve felt so real that when she found out it was just an illusion, it would’ve felt like Minna dying all over again.
I was had a friend. She died of cancer several years ago. I was really sad because she was my really close friend and we’d known each other since kindergarten. I could really connect with Bronden during this chapter because she had lost her childhood friend, and I’d lost mine.
The journey just became much calmer and much quieter without the three who left, and I would’ve thought that was a good thing since I like silence, but it probably would’ve been grim.
In this chapter, Marlie is trying to be optimistic, by saying that maybe there will be a way when they get closer to the cliff, because it was obvious that it was impossible to climb from far away. But in the end she was right. I think Marlie knew that Bronden, Val, and Ellis leaving made the group a little uneasy about the mountain, so she was being optimistic.
There’s a lot of persistence in this chapter, because I think at least someone would’ve considered leaving with them. I recall a lot of times when I had to persist in challenges. A big one was camp, since a lot of the activities required sticking to the task.
Allun is a half-traveller, so it wasn’t important for him to learn to swim. He claims that he would be teased more for not being able to do so. I would be embarrassed too, but even so, I would have learnt, like I think he should’ve.
But I do understand that he was teased already and didn’t want to be mocked. It’s a scary thing, being teased all the time for being different. It must’ve affected him a lot, even though he probably acted like he didn’t care.
I know when I get picked on for something I can’t do, it actually emotionally hurts and tends to bring down my self-esteem. But over the years of being teased, I practiced hard to not react to it and pretend to think of nothing, even if I was feeling the polar opposite. And another connection I have, is that my brother had a fear or water when he was small. Just the tiniest splash on his face and he would start bawling tears.
At first, I didn’t understand why Marlie was hesitant to take the narrow tunnel since it was obvious that the other tunnel had a much worse fate. But when she admitted she had claustrophobia, it made a lot more sense. However, I was surprised and wondered why, back in Rin, they didn’t teach children what to do in cases like that, since they have to learn every physical attribute.
In the book it is described, enclosed spaces makes Marlie feel like she can’t breathe. She must’ve been suffocating then, since she at least tried to crawl into the tunnel, which I admire her bravery. But still I can’t imagine that, Marlie, the big brave girl, feeling more frightened than anything.
Like Marlie, I too have claustrophobia. I remember once, we went to this Challenge Hill place, and there was a “Mouse Trap” were you crawled into this small spaced, pitch black, maze where you had to find your way out. I didn’t even try it because I was too paralysed by the thought of it.
I imagine Strong John all big, muscly, and well, strong. It would’ve been hard to fit, which is probably why he was bruised a lot less than Rowan. I admire John’s insistence to continue when the small space clearly didn’t agree with him.
Strong John was clearly in no condition to continue, and he knew that so when he told Rowan to continue without him, he probably felt pathetic. Also, it was obvious that he didn’t have all too much faith in Rowan, the skinny rabbit, that he could save the village so at that point he might’ve lost all hope.
One time before, I went on a really long trek when we went camping. I couldn’t move my legs after a while but my friends made me continue because if I stopped, I wouldn’t make it anywhere. It probably wasn’t as severe as Strong John’s case but I can connect to it.
What a wonderful ending to such a wonderful story. When the story first started, it made you wonder what was stopping the water from flowing down to Rin. Fnding out that it was simply because the dragon was hurt and couldn’t melt the ice with his fire was such a huge relief because it could be solved swiftly and easily (you know, other than the part where Rowan had to stick his hand in the dragons throat and take out the branch lodged in his mouth).
‘Skinny Rabbit’ is what they called Rowan because he was always so afraid of everything. I bet that Rowan would be thinking that, that is not what he is now. He must be so proud of himself because he helped saved the village, and more importantly, his Bukshah. I also think he would be so happy that he kept his promise to Star and saved her from dying, even though it was so unlikely that he would.
I don’t have much of a connection with the main thing in this chapter, which was being responsible for saving something important. But I do have a connection with the dragon because I get things stuck in my teeth all the time, or sometimes I bite my cheeks and it hurts. Not much of a powerful connection, but it’s something.
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