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Technology Assessment

No description

Melissa Balajadia

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Technology Assessment

Before taking this course, I thought google was
simply a search engine, but I was terribly wrong.
Google offer email, search engine, interactive
docs, Blogger, and other great tools in one.
Google email was only introduced to me through
this course and has been convenient as far as an
interactive doc is concerned. My favorite app. would
have to be Blogger. I love keeping a journal, so blogger
has made it easy for me to share my thoughts and ideas
online, so others have a chance to view it.
Rating 1 Apple = Poor
5 Apples = Excellent Rating: Delicious This would have to be one of my favorite tools. Delicious
is basically a website that allows you to save your favorite
websites by saving the URL to the site. You are also able to
group your sites and write a short note as to what that site
is about, in case you forget. It is very user friendly and it can
assist teachers and students keep track of sites they want to keep. When you want others to share the websites they found delicious makes this easy with their networking system. Rating: Fire Fox Before being introduced to Mozilla Fire Fox,
the only thing I used was Internet Explorer.
The best thing about Fire Fox is the ability to
open multiple tabs and the fact you can scroll
up and down the page using the key board.
Unfortunately, I still use Internet Explore at
home. Rating: This would have to be one of the top tools I would recommend
all professors to use. I love this tool. It allows me to view my assignments, their due dates, my grades, my professor's information,
and whats happening in class, all on the internet. My favorite thing
about moodle is the fact that we are able to also chat and post upcoming information on it. I was able to chat with my group online
and it is very user friendly. GREAT TOOL to incorporate in the class! Rating: This website is good to use for group meetings. One person
decides to host the meeting and invites all the group members
to attend. You are able to view the host's desktop, which is great
to show a presentation or to do a tutorial. The only down fall is that
only one person can be the host at a time, and everything is done
through chatting, you can not see anyone or talk. Rating: Tired of using powerpoint. Well prezi is a great substitute
for powerpoint when it comes to doing presentations. There
is a great tutorial for basic use of the software, but it takes a
lot of practice to get the hand of things. The only down fall is
the fact that you cant chose your own font and colors,
everything is set, so you can only chose from what they provide. Rating: Slide Share is a way to present your presentations. It gives you the option of uploading not just pictures but also power point slides. You are able to navigate the slides by the bottom control buttons, as well as have it on timer and run on its own. This technology tool is very easy to use, convenient and goes out of the norm of power point slides. I thought a setback was that if you saved it through slideshare.net and then went in and made changes to your power point the changes will not save automatically. So you would have to delete the previous and re-upload. But I guarantee is all worth it! This is a great tool for presentations!
Rating: Weebly is a free website and blog creator. All you do is click
what you want to place, and drag where you want to place it.
It's that simple. There is no technical skills required and you
can chose from a dozen of professional designs. This tool is great,
fun and easy to use for anyone creating a website or blog. Rating: Thank-You
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