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Welcome To New Hampshire

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 19 October 2017

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Transcript of Welcome To New Hampshire

Fun Facts About New Hampshire
New Hampshire was the third colony formed and the first colony to declare its independence from Mother England. New Hampshire was the first state to have its own state constitution. It became a state on June 21, 1788.
Economy & Religion
Puritan was the religion of New Hampshire. Puritans enforced a strict moral code. Many left Europe in order to have religious freedom, and at first they didn't tolerate any other kind of religion.
Crops and Geography
Welcome To New Hampshire
By Grant and Jacquelyn
Agriculture - Potatoes, Corn, Pumpkins, and Beans
Industry - Fishing
Manufacturing - Textiles and Shipbuilding.
Geography: low coast, hills, mountains and plateau. New England was the coldest of the three regions, mild and short summers leading to a long, cold winters but less disease than in the warmer colonies.
New Hampshire borders Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and Canada. New
Hampshire was the eighth colony
formed in the USA
The economy revolved around trade of fish, timber, furs, ships and livestock.

About the Founder John Mason
John Mason was a sailor and colonizer
born at King's Lynn,Norfolk,England,and educated at Peterhouse,Cambridge. He was appointed the second Proprietary Governor of Newfoundland's Cuper's Cove colony in 1615, succeeding John Guy.
John Mason founded New Hampshire in 1629
New Hampshire is a New England colony and the New England colonys are: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island.
Why Should You Come to New Hampshire?
The first Europeans in New Hampshire came from England
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