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Super Sad True Love Story

No description

Spencer Poynter

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Super Sad True Love Story

Setting The setting for Super Sad True Love Story takes place in near-future dystopian New York. The beginning of the book is set in Italy where Lenny Abramov is taking a year to "find himself." America has sunken into a state of depravity and is entirely and outright owned by China. The new "President" is more of a dictator than the leader of the greatest free nation in the world. The nation has become a military state and New York seems to be the center of the chaos. This new government encourages consumerism and materialism to distract from their radical activities. Point Of View The novel is written in many different points of view. It begins with a diary entry from Lenny Abramov himself stating that he "Will never die." The journal entries are alternated with the honestly biting email correspondences of Eunice Park and her mother, sister, and best friend on the only social network of the time: GlobalTeen. All information is relayed in first person point of view, but also in past tense. Super Sad True Love Story By Gary Shteyngart Gary Shteyngart is the author of three novels and his latest novel, Super Sad True Love Story, was released in 2010. He was born in St. Petersburg in 1972 and, not unlike the novel's protagonist, is the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants. English was not the primary language in his home and he did not shed his thick Russian accent until he was 14. Shteyngart currently lives in Manhattan and teaches as Columbia University. His other works are The Russian Debutante's Handbook(2002), and Absurdistan(2006). Author Characters Leonard (Lenny) Abramov Lenny is the protagonist and is described as an aging man of jewish decent with a slightly receding hairline. Afraid of death, ceasing to exist, and "The fallacy of merely existing." He attempts to take care of his body and style, but has no clue how to fit into this strange new nation he has returned to after spending a year in Italy. Dresses way too young for his age, not in terms of dressing like a younger crowd, but he dresses in the styles of his former years. Falls in love with Eunice Park. Eunice Park Very Media oriented. Extremely small and beautiful with freckles and thick black hair. Asian. Initially seen as very superficial and conceded. Makes a very good attempt at falling in love with Lenny but never truly lets herself. Blames her lack of ability to love on her abusive father and passive mother. Plot Summary Super Sad True Love Story starts in one of the few countries still attached to America, Italy. Leonard (Lenny) Abramov, the son of Russian immigrants, is in Italy on business. He is searching for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) to invest in the company works for, which specializes in "dechronification" treatments. While at a party of HNWI, Lenny meets Eunice Park. They spend a night together and then part ways when Lenny leaves to return to America and Eunice remains in Italy on her extended vacation. She eventually feels the need to return to America and finds herself living with the man who has been fighting to desperately for her affections, Lenny. Though she is half his age, there is something that she finds in him that she seems to love. All the while, the government has allowed the nation to fall into despair and has begun to deport anyone with a low "credit rating" as part of their "Harm Reduction" platform. Lenny only hopes he can hold on to Eunice's love amongst all of the chaos. Style and Significance pg 298, 4th Paragraph

This passage really shows Eunice's new found maturity. She has been living the life of a Media Queen and has never had to answer for anything. She leaves this beautiful message for herself as a reminder that she is not the abuse, she is not what she has been through, she is her own person and can make her own choices. She is finally taking responsibility and pulling into adulthood. Theme The overall theme of this novel is not, shockingly, love. It is the ability to come to terms with yourself. The overall theme is learning to live with your adversity, no matter what it might be. To come out strong no matter what you have to fight. Personal Appeal I love this book simply because of the content. Not only is there a, lets be honest, really messed up love story, there is a huge air of political unrest and an almost prophetic message in the events. Though this book is entirely fictional, it's truly amazing to see the similarities in our world today what it seems to be heading towards. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes controversial material or reading about the lives of people in ridiculous environments. I would suggest that the readers are mature in character, simply because of the mature content.
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