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I'd Like to Teach the World to NING!

A look into the ease, creation, and power of using Ning in the classroom Jennifer Brinson - Salisbury High School

Jennifer Brinson

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of I'd Like to Teach the World to NING!

I'd Like to Teach the World to Ning! Jennifer Brinson
Instructional Coach
Salisbury High School
Allentown, PA What is Ning? What can I do with Ning?
(more importantly - what can my
students do with Ning?) How do I set up a Ning?
(aka - Is this going to cause a headache?) Classroom Applications.... Social Studies Language Arts World Language Math Science FCS Business Pys. Ed./Health current event discussions
historical dialog (in character)
analysis postings (as an observer)
reflection literature reviews
short answer response/discussion
peer editing/grading
poetry units dialog
travel digests to various cities/countries
literature discussions collaborative problem solving
collaborative problem building
real world application (posting photos)
post "how to" videos videos of dissections/experiments
lab writing
review/discussion of articles/readings
point of view from a famous scientist/expert food journals
workout logs
instruction/rules for a game
discussions on emerging sports/activies recipe sharing/disucssions
technique videos
presentation photos
child development theorists discussion on viewpoints in phases of development (debate)
marketing/commercials discussions
board of directors meeting/feedback
business plans
social platform
array of interests and passions
millions of people a day are on Ning customize your Ning
privacy controls
post photos or video
set up events (assignments)
moderate activity short answers - less than 5 minutes - no headache medicine necessary! So what's this going to cost me? that depends on your plan
Ning Mini Network for teachers:
$19.95 per year - up to 150 members
includes: blogs photos, forums, video
The good news: "a major educational company has offered to sponsor Ning Mini Networks for educators globally in primary and secondary education. More details to come soon." Examples: http://student2-0.ning.com/ http://meh6cev.ning.com/ http://treatyofversailles.ning.com/ http://www.classroom20.com/ Alternatives to Ning: Resources: http://grou.ps/ http://pbworks.com/ http://www.edu20.org/ http://shsinstructionaltools.stsd.wikispaces.net/LCTI+-+21st+Century+Teaching+and+Learning http://grou.ps/brinson
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