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Prosthetic Makeup

No description

Emilie Peedin

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Prosthetic Makeup

Prosthetic Makeup
In 1914,
Max factor, a makeup artist and chemist,
created the first makeup used specifically for movies
at this time movies were shot in black and white and red tones appeared black on screen
so they used makeup with blue and green tints.
Silent film actors would create and apply their own makeup
eventually when movies could be made with the full color spectrum, more natural looking makeup called
makeup was created.
Lon Chaney
one actor by the name of Lon Chaney who was often called the
"man of a thousand faces"

used materials like fish skin, morticans masks and wigs to shape his characters.
What is prosthetic makeup?
Actors use prosthetic makeup in movies to make themselves look like something other than human.
In most films the actors face is covered in this makeup to make them look like a monster, alien, animal or anything fantasy- like.
to effectively use prosthetic makeup you have to be very experienced with it and how to apply it to make realistic textures.
What is Face-off
Face off is a reality tv show
where makeup artists compete by making prostheses like scientific fiction characters that t
hey must come up with.
More about it
there are three judges, ve neill, glen hetrick and neville page
Each week is a "spotlight challenge"
where the artists must complete a character by a theme, it's very fast paced and requires a lot of time and work.
Spot-light challenge
The spotlight challenge takes three days
Day One: concept design

and sculpting for five hours.
Day Two: 10 hours of finishing the mold
Day Three: Final day of applying the makeup
in the last hours they have a "last look" for any touch ups.
Each week someone is eliminated and at the end the winner is awarded $100,000 and a years supply of makeup from alcone
Face-Off Background
The premiere of face- off was on
January 26, 2011
on syfy.
Produced in Los Angeles California
by Michael Agbabian and Dwight D. Smith.
The Phantom of the opera (1921)
Latex Prosthetics
Latex rubber was used to make things like fake ears and noses to further mold an actors face.
Latex didn't crack llike wax did
and could
be applied in thin coats to make the prosthetics more life-like
, the 1939 film
The wizard of oz was the first film to use these prosthetics on a large scale.
Lon Chaney and his makeup
Emilie Peedin
Some Faceoff characters.
Water world
Eye Candy
Living Art
Bugging out
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