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Ocean Interactions

No description

Claire Vest

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Ocean Interactions

Seafood Resource
By: Claire Vest Resources Introduction to Seafood This resource affects... Conclusion I am studying the ocean resource containing seafood. And how the fish and other marine life are used in the food chain. Also how they are used by humans to make a living such as fishing. This resource affects other spheres because of its role in the food chain of humans and for other ocean creatures. www.khilafatworld.com www.cancooker.com
Fishing industry Seafood & Food Chains. Seafood for humans is a very satisfying thing to eat. It also for some people if they don't live in an area where fresh fish is a common thing, then it becomes something very special. We are taking fish out of its natural environment for a source of food, but sometimes we don't think about what creatures food we are taking. But they end up adjusting to the cycle even though their resources were taken away. Thankfully there are Administrations that are taking the time to protect and conserve the marine resources. So if you live in a coastal area you are used to having many people who make their living by being fishers. Some fish for big restaurants or even condos. Fishing can be a industry that can bring lots of money in, because of the worth of some of the fish caught. So although you could be dependent on how much fish you catch, its a good business. Thousands make their living because of the abundant marine life. The resource of marine life and seafood that is made as an outcome, affects the other living things in the water and humans.
Marine life usually has to adapt to any changes to the rest of its environment and that includes the hydrosphere and depending on the location, the cryosphere. Also the organism phytoplankton is a significant source of oxygen for Earth. http://www.noaa.gov/fisheries.html Marine life is a very valued resource for jobs and food. This is a resource that if not protected could be endangered. That would cause thousands of people to loose jobs and for restaurants to go out of business as well. That would for sure raise unemployment in coastal areas.
Ways to protect this resource would be making sure that you avoid removing fish from areas that are marked as marine sanctuaries. Also unless you are fishing for a designated business, then you should catch and release fish or marine life back into the ocean. And lastly don't litter in the water, that waste in the water can end up killing marine life. Waste in the water can kill more than you would expect, so if you happen to see waste on the shore, go ahead and clean it up. Protect Marine Life. www.glofish.com
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