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Learning Disabilities

No description

Sabrina Bevill

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities
ADHD Facts
It is hereditary
It stands for Attention Deficit Hyper- Activity Disorder
They have trouble focusing and finishing tasks
How can we help those with Down Syndrome be successful in school?
The best ways are to have these children use different techniques from their teachers and different innovations in the form off inventions.
Types of Disabilities
Down Syndrome
Aspergers Syndrome
Down Syndrome Facts
Aspergers Syndrome Facts
The disability changes as you get older
Sometimes they use different accents when talking
Sensory overload
What are the best ways to help kids with Learning Disabilities be successful in their everyday lives?
The best way is to have them utilizing different innovations such as computers, wheelchairs, walkers, Smart Boards,etc.
Leukodystrophy Facts
Caused by damage to the Myelin
Cannot be cured
Affects the child's walking, talking, and learning
Caused by the 21st chromosome
Can be hereditary
Happens at birth
Cannot be cured
Human Innovation Affects the World Around Us
Imagination and Experience Drives Innovation
Our main inquiries connect because the
teachers should have experience with the disabled children in order to know the best ways to teach them.
Diverse Caused By Innovation
Our main inquiries connect to this because not all innovation work for all types of disabilities. They wont work with non-disabled children.
Real World Application
Our main inquiries connect because without all the techniques and innovations teachers use to teach disabled kids they wouldn't be as successful.

Our main inquiries connect to the central idea because new innovations are being made to help these children succeed in their everyday lives.
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