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Literary Devices in Beauty and the Beast

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McKenzie Galbreath

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Literary Devices in Beauty and the Beast

- The rose in the movie "Beauty and the Beast" symbolizes death for the beast, when all the petals fall off he dies.
- The mood in "Beauty and the Beast" is
love conquers all
, Belle is able to look past the outer appearance of Beast and realizes he's truly a great guy and that she loves him.
- Prologue in "Beauty and the Beast" would be when the prince is changed into the beast for turning down the old woman and leaving her in the rain.
- Conflict in "Beauty and the Beast" would be when Beast is trying to be nice to Belle by inviting her to dinner and she refuses so he acts mean towards her.
- An example of suspense in
"Beauty and the Beast" would
be when Gaston and his friends
decide to go to Beast's castle and
kill him and take Belle home.
Literary Devices
McKenzie Galbreath
3rd Period

- The theme in "Beauty and the Beast" is,
everything isn't as it seems,

meaning that you shouldn't be deceived
by someone/things appearance.
- Personification in "Beauty and the Beast"
the tea cup,
Mrs. Potts
the tea-pot,
the clock,
candlestick, and all the inanimate objects
that could sing and dance.
- Irony in "Beauty and the Beast"
would be that the beast is the good
guy and Gaston (the human) is the bad guy.
- Belle is an example of "The Hero" archetype
because she sacrifices herself to save her
father from the beast.
- The setting in "Beauty and the Beast" is based
around France. Hence why the opening song is
"Bonjour" and everyone has english accents and
uses a lot of French terms.
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