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A brief introduction to Uzbekistan and its culture. It can be used for any purposes, No copyright claim. (I'd be happy if you give a credit to me when you use it)

Saidasror Kurbanov

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Uzbekistan

Brief information
Formal Name: The Republic of Uzbekistan
Independent since 1991 from Soviet Union
Located in Central Asia
Borders with Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan
Double landlocked
Size: 447,000 km square > Roughly 4x bigger than South Korea
Brief Info
Capital: Tashkent
Language: Uzbek (state language) and Russian (2nd language)
Population: 28 million > 1.5x lesser than S.Korea's population
Uzbek 80%, Russian 5%, Tajik 5%, Kazakh 3%, and others
Religion: Islam mostly Sunnis (80%) and Eastern Orthodox
Where is it???
in summer
in winter
Climate is continental, dry, and hot
It's sunny for more than 300 days annually
Spring: 20-25 C
Summer: 30-45 C (dry)
Fall: 15-25 C
Winter: -5 to 5 C (humid)
is the capital
More than 3 million people
The economic heart
has more than 2,700 yr old history
used to be the heart of Central Asia and as well as a major point of the Islamic Empire
Contribution to the development of Science
World Heritage by UNESCO
over 2,800 year history
Major point on the Silk Road
One of the centers of education of the past
National clothes
My favorite part!!!
Uzbek Cuisine
Lots of meat:
Beef, lamb, chicken, and horse meet (in some areas)
Pastries, bread, candies, cakes, and tea (our rice is bread xD)
The main food is Osh or Palov a.k.a Pilav,Pilaf, Plov
Uzbek is the official language of Uzbekistan
It is grammatically similar to Korean
For example:
In Uzbek we say "Men kitob olaman" = "I a book buy"
Uzbek is in the Altai language family
Assalomu Alaykum
Basic Expressions
A: Assalomu alaykum!
B: Assalomu Alaykum
A: Qallaysiz?
B: Men yaxshiman, o'zingizchi?
A: Men ham yaxshiman
B: Xayr
A: Hello
B: Hi
A: How are you?
B: I'm good, how about you?
A: I'm good as well
B: Bye bye
Thank you for your attention
Visit Uzbekistan and enjoy the hospitality
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