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Katie Lewis and Sarah McDaniel's scrapbooking research presentation

Katie Lewis

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking by: Katie Lewis & Sarah McDaniel When did scrapbooking start? And who came up with the idea? Scrapbooking started centuries ago and there is no known person in history who started scrapbooking Why do people scrapbook? People scrapbook for different reasons seeing as everyone is different and here are a few reasons
hobby/just for fun
to preserve memories
serve as a bonding purpose- to bond with whomever you are making the scrapbook with Where can you buy scrapbooking supplies and for how much? Getting started in this hobby is not that expensive
you can buy a scrapbooking skit that contains 8 pages and your stickers for around $8.00
seperate stickers cost from $2.00 up
Buy scrapbooking supplies at
AC Moore's
more than likely any place that has an arts and crafts place What is scrapbooking?
Scrapbooking is a hobby that is continuously growing. One thing that you might possibly want to do is record memories in a creative way instead of placing pictures in a photo album and not remembering the date or why it was so important, you can record memories like writing down what date or words that describe the feeling of the moment. What do you put into scrapbooks? pictures
memories(little collectibles you could put on the page that brings back memories from that day Scrapbooking is a craft that involves putting pictures creatively to remember memories supplies needed:
album-whatever fits your personality the best
pen- to write down words to record important words or dates
photo safe glue or adhesives
sheet protectors
possibly stickers How do you scrapbook? pick out a scrapbbok/album
find letters for theme, add stickers and maybe even words to record that mood
pick out pictures, figure out how to cut if cutting is needed, figure out how to lay the pictures on the background
lay out everything to see how it looks before gluing anything down
once you get everyhting how you want it and it looks fine and you glued everything down, sit back and enjoy what you just finished creating Forms of scrapbooking traditional scrapbooking
computer scrapbooking
family webpages When was scrapbooking popular? oThe peak decade was 1880-1890 and started declining in 1940 when people started keeping photo albums. Scrapbooking became popular again in 1975 when people wanted to know about their family history and they wanted to make books about their family. Interesting facts about scrapbooking oMark Twain was an avid scrapbooker who used his Sunday mornings to work on his scrapbooks, he also had 57 scrapbooks that he sold throughout a Montgomery Ward catalog
he devoted his sunday afternoons to scrapbooking
invented the adhesive scrapbbok with pre-pasted pages
his idea earned him about $50,000.00
oMay 1st is National scrapbooking day

Citations 10 scrapbookings facts that every scrapbooker should know 1.Scrap books should be kept in room temperature locations. High temperatures and high humidity’s are bad for scrap bookers.
2.Don’t put them directly under sunlight, it will damage the books
3.If you want a newspaper article in the scrapbook copy it onto acid-free paper because the regular newspaper article will harm the pictures.
4.Buy acid-free and lignin-free paper and cardstock to protect pictures don’t just assume, it should be stated on the package that it is acid-free and lignin-free
5.Clean hands before doing it, because fingerprints can damage the photos, also you can hold it by the edges
6.Consider using photo duplicates than the original copy, this will help in case the photos get damaged, you will still have the original copy on hand
7.If using lumpy objects, make sure they are not rubbing against the facing layout
8.Keep away from liquids, don’t bring your drinks to the place that you are scrap booking at
9.Avoid buying page protectors containing PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate). Identify PVC by its strong smell. Instead look for sheet protectors, binders and other items that contain more stable polyester.
10.A PH pen will come in handy when wanting to know the acidity of an item so your pictures will stay safe
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