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Grapes of Wrath

No description

Hunter Pietrzykowski

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Grapes of Wrath

Chapters 25-27
Grapes of Wrath
Leaving the Ranch
he got to a little tent with a few men
outside of it
They sneak Tom out of the Ranch by hiding him between the matresses in the truck
Grapes of Wrath
Hey girl hey :)
hey girl hey
he is way hotter than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 26
Ma is angry at the men
Chapter 25
New Work
Al pulls off at a sign that says "Cotton Pickers Wanted"
by: Mackinley, Gabby, Hunter, and Kayla
Dieing Fruit:
-the fruit dies
-animals and insects eat the food
-bad grapes: can't make good wine
-they have no food
-no money
-no jobs
Ma pierces Rosasharn's ears
Chapter 27
-rich people are throwing away their food so other people dont get it
Arriving at the Ranch
"Take a man, he can get worried an' worried, an' it eats out his liver, an' purty soon he'll jus' lay down and die with his heart et out. But if you can take an' make 'im mad,why, he'll be awright. Pa, he didn' say nothin', but he's mad now. He'll show me now. He's awright." p. 481
-Not a very "warm welcome"
-working as peach pickers
-five cents a box
The group hears noise, so they go to a cave.
The guards discover them and this is what happens...
Tom sneaks back to their house on the ranch and has to expain to his family how he may have killed a man.
His nose is broken and he has a bad scar on his face
The next morning, Rosasharn yells at Tom and has a melt down
talks about how her baby is going to be bad.
Tom stays in the house instead of picking peaches
That night, when Ma comes back, Ruthie ran in saying Winfield got the skitters and passed out. Guards were carrying him to their house but Ma stopped them because she didn't want them to see Tom.
Rosasharn talks to Ma about how if Connie hadn't left, they could have a house and milk.
Before they left, Al was with a girl
he tells her how they are leaving in the morning
she gets angry because they were supposed to get married
the rest of the family goes around camp saying their goodbyes
at night, Ruthie keeps trying to talk to Ma while
she tries to sleep
After dinner the first night, Tom goes for a walk outside of the ranch
The Drive
As they are driving North, Tom keeps going on and on about how he wanted coffee, but don't have enough money for it
Tom is teasing Al about how he's going to get himself a family if he doesnt stop fooling around
They run over a nail and a tire pops.
"If they's one nail in the county, we run over it." pg. 496
he had to sneak past a guard who told him about the "pickets"
Jim Casy was with them and was helping with the strike
they talked, but they were hearing noises so Casy lead them to a cave
Tom: The main character in the story. He tries to live in the moment, forget about the past and just see what happens in the future. Very family oriented.
Ma: Tom's mother, married to Pa, takes care of the family.
Pa: Tom's father, married to Ma, is the head of the family.
Rosasharn: Tom's pregnant sister, depressed and worried about the baby.
Al: Tom's younger brother, loves girls and cars.
Ruthie: Tom's youngest sister, has a special relationship with Winfield.
Winfield: The youngest of all the Joad children, looks up to Ruthie.
Uncle John: Tom's uncle, hasn't been the same since his wife died.
Jim Casy: Tom's childhood preacher, returns after being arrested.
he stays there until they are far enough away from the ranch that nobody will be looking for him
"By God, I'd like to get my hands on some cotton! There's work i un'erstan'." page 551
Tom tells his family that he has to hide in the forest because its not safe for them with him looking like he does.
ma is worried that he will run away, so she makes Al drive past the culvert he said he was staying in.
the family goes to the new camp
talks about how the cotton picking worked
they had to have their own bag, or buy one for a dollar
they walk up and down the long rows, picking the small white clouds of cotton
once the sack is full, they take it to the scales and hope that they dont argue with the "scale man"
families come and go and they treat every person the same
he tells her that he will be back soon and then they can get married
The theme in chapter 25 is that even in midst of death and hardship you can still find success if you want it badly enough.

“ In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, heavy for the vintage” pg 477
The theme in chapter 26 is sacrifice, Jim Casy willingly gets arrested in order to keep Tom safe. Ma decides to help feed and take care of another family in addition to her own family.

“I ain’t watchin’ this here fambly starve no more” pg 479
The theme in chapter 27 is hard work, they talk about working on a cotton farm, and all the work it takes to work on a cotton farm

“Hunch along now, fill up the bag ‘fore dark.” pg 556
would you want your ears pierced this way?
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