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Reducing Teacher Talk Time

The use of Morfo for learning objectives

Ed Mosley

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Reducing Teacher Talk Time

Reducing Teacher Talk Time (TTT) Advantages Morfo Engages the students Disadvantages Can take too much time focusing on
Morfo than the learning outcomes Why? 60min lesson - 18 students - 20min TTT 6 lessons X 20minTTT = 2 hours of TTT / Day Student under-involvement inevitably leads to loss of concentration, boredom and reduced learning. They could be finding out for themselves If the teacher is constantly dominant and controlling, the learners take no responsibility for their own learning Brings attention to the task / objectives Creates a lighthearted learning environment Encourages creativity, in both teacher and student. If over used, it loses its
engagement with the
students. You feel like a plonker
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