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Campaign Proposal for Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation

No description

Cathy Liow

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of Campaign Proposal for Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation

Campaign Management

Battle with You
Better with You

About Our Client
Founded in 1997, Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) is a non-profit organisation that aims to raise awareness, encourage early detection and provide professional support for breast cancer among Singaporeans.

They have always been recognised as an agency that advocates strongly for breast cancer. However in Singapore, breast cancer is still perceived as a women's only problem...

Beehive Communications has been tasked to come up with a campaign targeting men.
Issues &
To understand the perceptions of men in relation to breast cancer, an online survey was conducted with 150 male respondents aged between 25 to 70 years old
Issue 1:
Men's role as important supporters & caregivers
of men we surveyed recognised the importance of support & the role that they can play in supporting women battling breast cancer. However...
of men surveyed have not participated in any BCF activities
of men surveyed were not aware of BCF's activities
of men surveyed perceived BCF activities as for females only.
Breast Cancer is predominantly an issue with women, men too have a part to play
of men surveyed lacked caregiver knowledge
Although BCF is the only local organisation with a support group for men there are no resources available on its website that provide caregiver information.
The lack of local context makes it difficult for caregivers in Singapore to utilise the information found online.
readily available resources on caregiver support will further establish BCF as a credible & reliable organisation advocating for breast cancer awareness.
Issue 2:
Lack of local caregiver resources
Issue 3:
Brand awareness of BCF among men
The pink ribbon has been a symbol prominently used since the 1990s to promote breast cancer awareness
Questions are often raised as to whether the use of the colour pink can be deemed as anti-masculine.
of respondents said that the colour pink would not affect their decision to participate in BCF's activities
of respondents would still continue to help raise awareness of breast cancer
Goals &

Goal 2:
To establish BCF as a go-to source for reliable caregiver information and support.
To establish a microsite targeting caregivers & attract 5,000 hits per month.
We will like to achieve the above goals & objectives over an 11 months campaign period
Target Publics
Primary Publics
Male audiences
Women battling breast cancer
Route to?
Secondary Publics
Female family & friends of survivors
BCF Men’s Support League & Members of BCF
Singapore Society of Oncology
External Partners
Public & Private Healthcare Inst.
Battle with You, Better with You
We, the breast cancer survivors, need your support, to fight cancer with us by listening, comforting, being there and having faith. This is not our fight alone.
Breast Cancer Foundation is the pillar of support you need in this journey, we are here for you with professional guidance
& a strong network of
support services.
Tagline & Key

Channels & Tactics
Partnership with External Stakeholders
Print, Digital & Broadcast Media
Community Engagement Programs
Social Media
& Online Platforms
Under Armour
The Spartan Race
An international obstacle course & marathon that is conducted in over 25 countries, catering to primarily to male participants.
Celebrities & Sportsmen
Singapore Society of Oncology
Reaching out to Oncologists specialising in breast cancer through SSO to promote the campaign & display our printed collaterals.
An up-and-coming brand with a masculine image.
Has a history of supporting the breast cancer cause globally.
Aesthetic elements associated with breast cancer into their apparels.
Like the use of the colour pink, the pink ribbon, our tagline or key messages.
Have a history of partnering with charities
Insert our campaign brochures into the race packs
Promotion through their website and social media pages.

Huang Shinan
Ex Mediacorp Actor
Benjamin Kheng
Vocalist of The
Sam Willows
Desmond Tan
Fandi Ahmad & LionsXII
National Football Coach & Team
By leveraging on these personalities' fan base & popularity, we can increase support of breast cancer awareness & advocacy.
Press Conference
Media Invites:
All Major TV, Radio Stations, Newspapers, Magazines & Online Media
Media Kit:
Press Release, Brochures & Calender of upcoming events
BCF Ambassadors
Mrs Noor Quek,
BCF President

The editorial angle should appeal to our audiences emotionally, communicate our key messages as well as promote the campaign microsite.
Pink Ribbon
A yearly event organised by BCF, this year we will using images of both men & women in their collaterals. The BCF ambassadors will also attend the walk to emphasise their involvement in breast cancer advocacy & awareness.
Brochures & Posters
To reach audiences with no access to online mediums, we will be putting up the campaign collaterals in community centres & healthcare institutions.
Campaign Microsite
Created to increase male involvement in breast cancer related advocacy & event participation. The microsite will contain caregiver support information & facilitate male visitors to sign up as members or to join the Men’s Support League.
Social Media Sites
Social Media presents an opportunity for BCF to engage with younger & more tech-savvy audiences thru contest & sharing of articles.
August 2016
17 Aug - Press release to media with invite
30 Aug - Press conference + launch of micro site
31 Aug - Press coverage on TV, newspaper & radio
Start media tracking till end of campaign
September 2016
1 Sept - Official start of campaign
Launch of Under Amour apparels
Marketing collaterals to be displayed till end of campaign
Media coverage & exclusive interviews with ambassadors on talk shows
BCF social media postings
Promotions for 'Pink Ribbon Walk'
October 2016
8 Oct - Pink Ribbon Walk
Media coverage
Social media postings
November 2016
19 Nov - Spartan Race
Media coverage
Social media posting
22 Nov - Evaluation
Media tracking
Data analysis
January to April 2016
Liaising with partners
Sourcing for sponsors, event organiser
Work on micro site
Ambassadors' photo shoot
May to July 2016
Design of collaterals & media kit
Print of collaterals
Dissemination of collaterals to partners
The Team
Herman Low – 32399679
Cathy Liow – 30844857
Yeo Tze Chien – 32475673
Tan Si Ying – 32391177
Tan Shao Ken – 32256691
Ranjan Sekeran – 31989426

Post Campaign Online Surveys
Media Monitoring
Measuring Network of Distribution
Data Analysis
The battle towards breast cancer recovery is not yours to fight alone, let us be there, for a better, healthier you.

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to BCF.

Goal 1:
To raise awareness about breast cancer & promote participation for activities/ events organised by BCF among male audiences.

To improve the perception of breast cancer cause, BCF brand & awareness of its activities among males by 30%
To increase male participation in BCF related activities/ events by 30%
To develop
a community awareness campaign
for BCF
Improve the perception of breast cancer cause, BCF brand & awareness of its activities among males
Promote male participation in BCF’s activities
Establish BCF as a go-to source for reliable caregiver information & support
Online & traditional media platforms
Community engagement
Partnership with external stakeholders
Increase in awareness of breast cancer & BCF activities among men
Increase in male participation for BCF events or activities
Growth in unique site visits to the new microsite
Media monitoring
Measuring network of distribution
Data analysis
Over a period of 11 months
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