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Their Eyes Were Watching God: Symbolism

No description

Trey Alford

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Their Eyes Were Watching God: Symbolism

Pear Tree
In the novel, the pear tree represents Janie's budding sexuality and her identity as a woman. She gets her first kiss under the pear tree. This is where you first realize that Janie is maturing into a woman and is starting to become attracted to things like kissing and such. She is growing up.
Janie's Hair
Janie's hair represents freedom! After Joe Starks dies she lets her hair down. When she lets her hair down it represents her becoming a new/free woman without her husband, Joe, telling her what to do all the time.
Joe Starks
Joe Stark symbolizes freedom and carefree living. When Janie first meets Joe she thinks that marrying him would result in her having a very easy and layed back life because he makes her believe that he would do all the work while she relaxes on the porch.
Janie's Head Wrap
This symbolizes Joe Starks, and how he held her back just as the head wrap holds Janie's hair back. Joe doesn't allow Janie to do much rather than work at the store so he definitely holds her back.
The Horizon
The horizon is unreachable, untouchable, and impossible to reach. Just as Janie's idea of her perfect relationship. Janie is hopelessly searching for a perfect marriage which is impossible to find which is why she has a total of three husbands throughout the novel.
The Hurricane
The hurricane symbolizes the "battle" between God and humans. During the hurricane, the characters question whether God is really on their side and start to question him. As seen in this quote, "Six eyes were questioning God."
Their Eyes Were Watching God: Symbolism
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