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Main and Subordinate Clauses Markers

No description

Diana Hernández

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Main and Subordinate Clauses Markers

Main and Subordinate Clauses Markers
A Clause:
Is a group of words containing a subject and verb.
A dependent Clause
Subordinate Clause
A dependent Clause
Subordinate Clause
Noun Clause
Is used as a subject or an object. In other words, a noun clause is used in the same ways as a noun phrase
His story

was interesting

What he said
was interesting

. I heard

his story

.I heard
what he said

A adjective clause
Is a dependent clause that modifies a noun. It describes, identifies or gives further information about a noun.
Why, Who, What, That, If, Whether, How, Where, Whose,Wherever,
Whatever, However, Whoever...
.This is the building
where i work.
.The book
that you gave me
is very useful.
. The movie
that she saw is
three hours long.
.She is the girl
who painted

Who, Whom, Whose, Which, That, When, Where, Why, How

Adverb Clause
Is a subordinate clause that does the work of an adverb in a sentence.An adverb clause can modify a verb.


. I left
before he me

An adverb clause time
Shows the time when an action takes place.


. They met while
we were in class
When, While, Before, After, Since,
As, Whenever, As long As,
No sooner than, Till, Until.

An adverb clause of place
Shows the place where an action takes place.


.He lives
where it rains a lot.
Where, Wherever, Whence,
An adverb clause
Shows why an action takes place.


.He was sad
because hemissed the show.

Because, Since, as that
An Adverb clause of comparison
Indicates a comparison between people or things.


.He is smarter
than he looks
No less than,
An adverb clause of purpose
Is used when the purpose of an action is to be described.


.He met Jack there
so that Alice wouldn´t know.
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