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Chaitanya Verma

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of 1812

I also think that this war was a waste of time and lives were being lost because The French and The British were taking American Ships and were disrupting American Trade. They also found that the British were giving guns to Natives to attack the American Settlers. The States thought the British were not treating them as an "Independent Nation" and then started the war because of these disputes. I think that the British were being very stupid and could have stopped the war before it even started by not doing things that would offend The Americans.
By: Balraj Singh Kular, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Verma and Luvish Sondhi

The two communties

The two communities that we are talking about are the natives and the British communities. These two communtities though are interelated. Though they were supposently helping each other something was kept as a secret. The natives had to give their land as protection from the Americans. This deal was fair because the Natives had outdated weapons and the British provided them with protection as well as good new weapons. But the bad part or con of this deal was that they had less land and also had start a new life in a new part of Canada and they also lost their resources and food.

The timeline was from 1812 as the name quotes and to the year 1815. This was a war that many different armies fought. Many people contributed to fighting the war and winning the war. Though most people say that the Americans won the war, many also quote that the Canadians won the most battles in total so it conludes that they won the war. Some of the famous people that contributed to the war are Sir Isaac Brock, Tecumseh,Charles-Michel de Salaberry and Laura Secord. These were Canadians that contributed to the war in a very large way. Such as Laura Secord found out where the Americans were going to attack next because the were diccussing their plan near her house. Instead of just sitting there she ran all the way to the British HQ/ campsite and told them.

The British contributed to the war by providing men, artillery, new weapons, better protection and camps of such sort. But for that they wanted the Natives to uproot and slowly start moving North West. This was unfair to the Natives in a way, though the British were providing them with material they lost land, resources, food and etc.

The way the British contributed
The way the Natives contributed
The Main people of Canada during the war
Some of the important people in the 1812 war for the Canadians were

Sir Isaac Brock= ( was a British Army officer and administrator.Gave Quick Victories at Fort Mackinac And Detroit defeating american invasion efforts.)
-Tecumseh= ( Leader of the natives and made deals with the British
-Laura Secord(walked many Km from a American Inhabited territory to Alert the canadians about an impending attack)

The natives contributed in helping the British win the war though the Americans will never admit that they lost the war. The Natives wasted ver 1000 soldiers in this war. The natives and British actually got together. The natives helped alot by giving most of their weapons to the British troops.
The timelines
The American point of view after the war
The American point of view is that during the war is that they have won the war because they killed Sir Isacc Brock and that they had taken over a lot of the cities in Upper and Lower Canada. Though the Canadians did win the war this argument was debatable in the Americans point of view. Another reason why The Americans think why they had won was because they had killed The Canadians main general and also burnt down their Parliment Buildings. Though The Canadians also burnt down The White House.

The Canadian point of view after the war
The Canadian point of view is that the Candians won which they did. This is because the Canadians conquered more cities and also supposentley burnt down 1 of their most parliment buildings which was the White House. They also gained a lot because The Natives had to donate The Canadians food, men, materials and other resources. This helped The Canadians establish easier and build their home base easier also.

Facts about The War
Add more info for the point of view- Sukhman
Add a bibliography, fix the title - Harsh
Add fun facts and more point of view- Parmit
remove the music or make it quieter and voice record
Shreya P. - Fix the slide order
Shabithah V. - Chaityana, I agree with Sukhman
And what's the point of the music?
And I think u should screen record with ur VOICES
Instead if doing "Fun" facts
Use the title Quick Facts or Facts
But change it cuz it's not really fun
Joel D. - makes sense
Ashwinner I. - I don't think you need the music. If you want, then you could. Also, you should add your voice. Content looks good, though.
deevya g. - For feedback :Overall the research was informative but instead of the background music put your voices . I also noticed that you didn't tell you 're point of view , One last thing was that you should put more bibliography because it looks unrealistic to get all the info from one website (I can be wrong too ).
American Point of View before the war
Before the war even started the Americans were suppliers to The French when they were in an enraged battle in Europe. Eventually Napoleon and his army officially lost. They thought they could continue the war but in a different country and win. Another thing they did that annoyed The Canadians was that they pushed all The Natives into The Canadian territory. But that turned out to be a good thing for The Natives and The Canadians because they got more men, food and resources.
U.S. troops engaged: 286,730
American battle deaths: 2,260
The U.S. declared war on Great Britain during its war with France.
America passed a series of laws that closed its ports to British ships that were loaded with goods they planned to sell in the U.S.
Colonists suspected that Britain was trying to prevent their western expansion by trying to claim land in what was then the Northwest Territory (now the Ohio River Valley) and arm American Indians.
War was declared on June 18, 1812.
Capt. Oliver Perry's victory on Lake Erie in September 1813 allowed American forces, under Gen. William Henry Harrison, to advance against the British, who burned Detroit and retreated into Canada.

The Canadians Point of View before the war
Before had officially started the Canadians only had started to slowly settle in Canada successfully because they were done in concentrating in the war that was going on in Europe. But while they were settling down The Americans started pushing Natives up North where they met The Canadians and told them about the unfortunate loss of their land. So The Canadians made a deal with them which was that The Natives would give land, men, and other resources so they can defend themselves and get new weapons unlike the outdated ones they had. So the war had begun.
Chaitanya's Point of View/ Soliloquy on the event
In my opinion I think that the war was just illogical because though The French had already lost in Europe The Americans who had joined hands with The French though that they could make a comeback in this war. Though that wasn't the only reason, the second reason why they had a war was because The Natives were being pushed to Canada and The British made a deal with them that if we fight for you against The Americans you will have to give us land, food and other resources. So The Natives agreed and The War of 1812 officially had begun.
Luvish's Point Of View
Balraj's point of view
From my point of view is that natives wasted their land for just a war.The Americans just wanted to take over Canada aka Upper Canada at that time.
The other reason is that the Americans wanted to revenge the British because they hade defeated thhe french in Europe and The French were sponsored by The Americans.
War of The 1812
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