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the secret garden

No description

courtney williams

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of the secret garden

The Secret Garden
By:Courtney Williams

Mr.Craven's house
the gardens
the secret gardens.
Exposition: a beautiful mansion with secrets behind every door
Rising action: she is try to find the door to the garden and see what is inside
Climax: she finds the door but now she has to find out who is crying
Falling action: Colin see's the garden
Resolution: mr.craven see's the garden and Colin is walking
Mary Lennox-main character
the Ayah-Mary's maid
Martha-house keeper
Dickon-Martha's brother
Ben Weatherstaff-Gardener
Mr.Craven-Mary's uncle
Colin-Mary's cousin
Mrs.lennox-Mary's mother


mary has to live with her uncle
and is trying to solve a mystery.

3rd person point-of-view because it they never talk about themself

mary is trying to solve the mystery of what is inside the close garden.
Resolutions/Problem solving
mary finds the garden and find out that the crying was her cousin colin.
antagonist: Mr. Cravan: because he is very strict
protagonist: Mary: because she does ever thing right
happy because when she live with her uncle she had fun and was happy
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