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christine 5651

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of CLOUD STORAGE

Hard drives can be damaged or lost.
Hard drives must be taken everywhere to access. Cloud storage can easily be accessed.
Cloud storage is flexible

What Is Cloud storage?
Not enough space in your local hard drive
Share files throughout devices and locations without a hustle
Back up files and photos
File versions can be kept the same throughout devices
-You would not be able to access your information without Internet.
-There are two concerns with cloud storage: reliability and security.
-There is the risk that your data can be accessed by unwanted guests.
-Network Connections Dependency

Google Drive
Apple iCloud
Amazon Cloud Drive
How does it work?
Thank You!
Why would you use cloud storage?
Gmail, Google Calendar,Google Maps
Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Online, Outlook, OneNote
Cloud Storage vs. External Hard Drives
DropBox & SugarSync
Cloud storage has a few advantages over traditional data storage:
You are able to get the data from any location that has any Internet access
There is no need to carry around a physical storage device or to use the same computer to retrieve information.
You can even allow other people to access the data (e.g. prezi).
Cloud Storage is digital data stored online. It can be accessed anywhere so long as there's internet.
Data stored can be managed, edited and view when it is in a cloud
Saving data to an off-site storage system maintained by a third party
Instead of storing information on the computer's hard drive or other storage devices we can save it to a remote database

Cloud Storage Models
What Does the fox Say?
Sitting on the toilet
Charlie bit my finger
A cloud storage system only needs one data server connected to the Internet to be accessed. The data server records information that has been sent by the client over the internet. When the information needs to be accessed it can be done through a web based interface. The server then send the file to the client or allows access to the client to manipulate the files on the server.
By Christine Xu, Elicia Au Duong, Elaine Doan, Vivian Fan and Erica Soenarjo
Harlem Shake

There are three main cloud storage models:

- Public Cloud Storage services provide a multi-tenant storage environment that’s most suitable for unstructured data. An example of this is Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3).

- Private Cloud Storage services provides an environment dedicated to protect any organisation’s firewall. This type of cloud storage is best suited for people who need customization and more control over their data.

- Hybrid Cloud Storage is a combination of the two models mentioned previously, it includes at least one private cloud and one public cloud. Organisations may use this to store actively used and structured data in a private cloud and unstructured and archival data in a public cloud.

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