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Himmel Branch Library 50th Anniversary

No description

Himmel Library

on 4 January 2012

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Transcript of Himmel Branch Library 50th Anniversary

1960s Opening day - June 26, 1961.
4,103 square feet with over 8,000 books. Total cost of contruction = $76,240.
(Source: Tucson Citizen) 1961- Himmel Park Library holds the distinction of being the first branch of the Tucson Public Library. (Source: The Tucson Citizen) Dedication ceremony - June 25, 1961
Speeches from Vice Mayor F.T. Gobbons and
Chairman of the Library Board, Mrs. Alice Fulmer Dunham.
200 people came to the Open House.
(Source: The Tucson Citizen) 1968
A meeting room is added in memory of Judith Swander (young librarian-in-charge at Himmel who died in 1967). (Source:Tucson Public Library Annual Report 1967-1968) 1961
135,353 items checked out the first year!
(Source: Minutes of the Library Board of Tucson Public Library, 1962) 1968
175,957 items are checked out.
30% more than the year the library opened.
(Source: Tucson Public Library
Annual Report, 1968) 1973
Say it ain't so!
Tucson Public Library plans to close the Himmel Park Library in favor of a new location along Broadway near the El Con Mall.
(Source: The Arizona Daily Star, April, 1973) Himmel Branch Library
1961-2011 1970s 1973
Overwhelming outcry and support by
neighborhood residents and support by local officials
prevent the closure of the Himmel Park Library.
(Source: The Arizona Daily Star, April,1973) 1980s March 1982
Remodel again!
A new public meeting room is added. 1986
220,592 items are checked out.
(Source: Tucson Public Library
Annual Report, 1985-1986) May 31,1986
25th Anniversary
The celebration in the park included live music, stories, a live petting zoo, and a hot air balloon! 1990s 1992
Grand reopening celebrates addition of new facilities - refurbished children's area, new signage, books, and furniture. 1992
94,602 items are checked out.
(Source Pima County Library
Annual Report, 1991-1992) 1999
A kitchen and a work space added for staff.
(Source: Himmel Park Library Facilties / Equipment Report, 2002) 2000s 2000
253,943 items checked out and Tucson's population reaches 843,746!
(Sources: Himmel Circulation Statistics, 2000; www.city-data.com/us.../Tucson-Population-Profile.html) 2006
Read to a Dog!
Children + dogs = happy kids + low stress = learn to read
Himmel Park Library is 1st branch to have this program. 2008

The Himmel Park Library undergoes a partial remodel which includes new bookcases, carpet, paint, and a new floor plan. June 25, 2011
The Himmel Park Library Celebrates its 50th Anniversary!! Class Visit
March13, 1968 1960
The seed was planted. AHOY What Lies Ahead
1964 Summer Reading Program Storytime outside 1996 Toddler Storytime October 1995 Brindlebeast Puppet show Himmel Park Quilters donate a handmade play quilt to be used at Baby Storytime.
June 29, 2000 Spamettes Halloween 1985 May 3, 1960 Tucson Daily Star Southwest Quartet
June 1995 Pirates Galore 1986 July 2006
Library system moves from being a City of Tucson department to a Pima County department. 2008
Chinese New Year Celebration Storytime Himmel Park Library Design 50 Fundraising for the remodel provided by the Lawrence Clark Powell Fundraising Campaign for Himmel Park Library.
(Source: Tucson Pima Library Announcement, 1992) 2005
Professor Dumbledore and Rubeus Hagid at the Harry Potter Program 2005
Dragonfly Childrens Book Club started and is still active today. 2007 Teen Manga Program 2010
Day of the Dead Altar and Sugar Skull Making Program 2005
First "Let's Speak English Conversation Group in library system starts at Himmel Library.
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