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Wilde Diaz/ Torik Gordon

Torik Gordon

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Crime

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Problem? Alternative Policies - Conduct more patrols in neighborhoods. With more officers patrolling less likelihood of crime. However it would mean and increase in costs.
- On-duty officers cannot stand in one spot for a prolonged period of time. Many simply sit at corners or in dark alleys. By doing this they can help reduce crime. Disadvantages of this is the cops may become tired quicker.
-More community programs for all ages, more so teenagers. - We conclude that although our alternative policy will take some time to be reviewed much more the work for it be established and put into place. It would get the community more involved in there own safety and welfare.
- Having direct contact with police and the resources brought about to protect us, would ultimately help everyone to be more involved and aware of the dangers in the community. Summary The community that falls under the protection of the 43rd precinct is becoming more dangerous despite what the city and NYPD may say about it. White Plains Road, Westchester Avenue, Castle Hill Avenue and Parkchester are all primary neighborhoods that are protected and served by the 43rd precinct. Crime in the Bronx In 2011, the 43rd Precinct had the highest overall crime rate in the Bronx. Some residents say they feel safe and appreciate an increased police presence. Community leaders say one thing is certainly needed: Better communication between cops and its citizens. The problem in these neighborhoods, and mostly all neighborhoods is the idea of being a snitch. "No one talks about crimes committed if they see them..." said Parkchester attorney Luis Sepulveda. Crime is not going to go down unless the community gets more involved.
-For the last 14 years the number of murders has kept rising. (NYPD Statistics)
-In 2012 681 reports of grand larceny was reported compared to 2001 with 536. (NYPD Statistics)
-Within 6 hours, over 4 people were shot on July 20th, 2012 in the area of Parkchester, where many people feel the area is a "warzone". (NY Daily News http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/bronx/people-shot-one-fatally-43rd-precinct-six-hour-period-weekend-curfew-suggested-article-1.1117925) Alternative Policies... Continued
- Implement more a program created by IBM and Business Partner Cognos which created a real-timeCrime Information Warehousethat makes NYPD more proactiveand effective in fighting crime.
+Of this Key Benefits•Ability to redeploy resources in response to crime patterns and trends•Ability to resolve crimes and apprehend criminals more quickly.
-Increased police presence in crime stricken areas.

- -Email our local politicans (Tangee Lingar - Community Council President or any with authority)
-Request a meeting with people in charge (Captains, Sargents etc...)
-Make a suggested policy list, improvements and deliver it personally to NYPD precinct 43.
-Inform people of anonymous tip lines available for when you witness a crime,which is 1-866-313-TIPS (8477)
-Distrubute to the people crime stats currently for the communities under the 43rd.
-Inform people of the dangers of not notifying the police of crime. -Call up Precint 43 Precinct: (718) 542-0888
Community Affairs:
(718) 542-6325
Crime Prevention:
(718) 542-2350
Domestic Violence:
(718) 542-2422
Youth Officer:
Auxiliary Coordinator:
(718) 542-5571
Detective Squad:
(718) 542-5530 Action Plan(s)
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