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Heather Thompson

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Technology

VS Hi, I'm Mr. Matthews. Today, I'll be guiding my students to learn through discovery using technology. Digital Age Teacher Industrial Age
Teacher what if they think we're all terrorists? I wonder if America's portrayals of Muslims are true You know what, the news media is lying to us. You guys are great and you're just like us Yeah, we both love the Red hot chili peppers. Let's be friends! Before.. During... After... The Horizon Project Fear of a changing of culture
Vulcan School Tech is being over hyped, funded by and sold to the schools by large tech corporations and those who argue against it are pushed into silence or viewed as “old fashioned” The evil message behind the tech!!
Fund other programs, art music etc
Fund more staffers
Improve teacher training

Does tech actually change schools? Could older more cost effective methods be just as good given the right people to teach them?

Which is more effective pedagogy or technology? Common belief “putting computers and tech in schools will improve learning”
Might not have adequate training to use the tech
Unable to obtain the right software
Insufficient technical support
Tech tends to be inconsistent with its availability
Curriculum materials don’t look into tech based on the belief that schools might not possess enough of it to constitute a lesson. 5 billion gets spent on tech / computers, is it necessary? 21st Century Learner there is usually one 1 computer cart (32 computers) per floor with 12 teachers - BOOK EARLY Shirley's Technology Survival Guide - with so many students using the same computer, tech goes wrong - KNOW BASICS OF TROUBLESHOOTING

- students will not know or forget their passwords - PRINT OUT STUDENTS LISTS (that has their password and user name) - do this for all classes

- make sure the wireless internet is working that day - CHECK and CHECK AGAIN - always have a backup plan - PLAN B and sometimes even PLAN C

- if you plan to watch a movie or documentary and you do not have the CD, download it first before showing it - BE PREPARED

- if you try to show a short clip as a teachable moment, it will most likely not stream - THINK AHEAD always assign the same computer to the same student, that way if something goes wrong, the student knows it can be traced back to them - OWNERSHIP OF THEIR MISTAKES/MISCHIEF WARNING prevent this from happening by.... - make sure to ask your principal if you can get your own computer/laptop; there is a provincial program in place that is buying laptops bit by bit for each teacher across the province but you need to be persistent with the principal, if not buy your own it really helps to alleviate many problems - GET YOUR OWN LAPTOP - don't be afraid to ask students how to do something, there is so much out there that you can't be expected to know everything and the students will appreciate your honesty more while feeling good about themselves - ASK STUDENTS FOR HELP
- be patient, laptops and computers can be very slow to work, keep students busy by having them log in first thing then introduce the lesson for the day, this will help better manage the classroom - BE PATIENT
- budget is limited within a school and if you would like your own personal laptops for your classroom, you will need to convince the principal to buy them for you and it is sometimes easier to do this if you already have funding so visit local foundations as well alumni foundations for your school - MONEY FROM FOUNDATIONS Simulations River City Ecomuve Multi-User Virtual Environments Currently, the debate is framed between two sides: the “Haves” and “Haves not”

This assumes:
The debate is how to fit increase tech in low socio economic schools
Everyone wants to put technology in the classroom Tech and the voiceless By framing the debate this way
People who do not want to use tech are labelled as the “Have not”
They are not achieving due to lack of skills
Wastage of resources on the “unreachable” Different FolK Assumed lack of skill rather than:
Literacy barriers (Black Bird and languages availability) Cultural diversity barriers
Technology does not feel relevant to their interest What's the worst that can happen? Fear of a changing of culture
Vulcan School

Encouragement of creating a non-private world
Blurring of private vs public

Promotes certain type of writing vs. another (scientific writing) Teach to your strength
Forcing teachers to teach weaknesses
Ineffective Technology is used differently between low and high socio-economic schools
Low socio-economic focuses on drilling and typing
Improvement of tech skills

High socio-economic focuses on curriculum enriching projects. Is all tech created equal? What about the Teachers? The Evils of Technology Common Misconceptions There is no agreed upon goals or “best practises” that define how tech should be used

Even if a teacher knows the basics of tech that doesn’t mean that teacher can properly implement the tech Cost effective? Educational Psychologist Jane Healy is against children before the age of seven using computers in school “Up to that time, I think it is doubtful that normally developing children need computers. They may be more harmed than helped.”

She sees game like software tech as “done to quickly, without language, thought, or much envisioning on the part of the children. These empty their minds of the attributes that make people imaginative, creative and thoughtful” 1. for learning through discovery
2. for developing empathy
3. for demonstrating/displaying new knowledge Technology is a multipurpose tool Student thought process is hardwired

“Many students are using new media and technologies to create new things in new ways, learn new things in new ways, and communicate in new ways with new people— behaviors that have become hardwired in their ways of thinking and operating in the world.” – Eric Klopfer from “using the technology of today, in the classroom today”

motivation RAISE THE EXPECTATION! The School of the Future Class please take out your cellphones futurama clip
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