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Entry 3 Functional Skills Maths "Part-Time in the Library"

Activity supporting FS Entry 3 [Core Curriculum ref: N1/E3.2/.3/.4/.5/.6/.7/.9 N2/E3.3/.4 MSS1/E3.1/.2/.5]

Linda Lamb

on 4 March 2012

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Transcript of Entry 3 Functional Skills Maths "Part-Time in the Library"

You have started a
part-time job
at the library. You are responsible for keeping the "Young Readers" section tidy as well as selling old books. SCENARIO Queston 1) The width of this bookcase is the same as the height.
What shape is the bookcase?

Question 2) All sides of the book are the same length.
What shape is the book?

Question 3) The bookcase is 270mm wide.
What is this to the nearest 100mm?

Question 4) The book is 86mm wide.
What is this to the nearest 10mm?

Question 5) Estimate how many books will fit onto one shelf.

Answer 1) The bookcase is square.

Answer 2) The shape of the book is square.

Answer 3) 300mm

Answer 4) 90mm

Answer 5) 3 books 270mm to the nearest 100 is 300 (it is nearer 300 than 200) 86mm is 90mm to the nearest 10mm (it is nearer 90 than 80) 3 books will fit along each shelf (270 / 90 = 3) TRIANGLE CIRCLE RECTANGLE Question 6) What is the shape of this bookcase? Question 7) 4 books can fit onto each shelf of this bookcase.
There are 5 shelves. How many books can fit
onto the bookcase in total? You sell 2 books worth £2.50 to a customer.
They pay you with a £20 note.
How much change should you give them? £15 (£20 -£2.50 -£2.50) Question 8) You sell 2 old books for £2.50.
What change do you give from a £20 note? Answer 8) £15
£2.50 + £2.50 = £5
£20 - £5 = £15 Answer 6) Rectangle

Answer 7) 20 books
4 books on 5 shelves = 4 x 5 = 20 Need to revise?

Watch these short vidoes on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. @LL4MB
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