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Accident Prevention

No description

Tommy Adams

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of Accident Prevention

Accident Prevention
Head in the Game
Will I give my full attention to this task?

Will I stop and redo my plan if something unforeseen happens?

Am I meeting or exceeding safety requirements for this task?
The Sum
How can you prevent accidents?
What's in it for Me?
Safety cannot be forced..
Click it or ticket..
People still don't click it
Am I trained to do this work?

Am I trained to use the equipment or tools required?
Do I understand the task and how to perform it?

Have I identified all hazards associated with the task?

How will I eliminate the hazards associated with this task?

Have I planned all job tasks?

Have I considered all safe practices/guidelines that apply to this task?

Can I work the plan safely?

Do I need help to do this work safely?
Safety Goal
Safety is not the absence of incidents.
You can't?
I knew someone would say it.
Is that correct?
A better question:
What's the difference between accidents and incidents?
Accidents happen...
How can we minimize incidents?
You only do consistently what you value.
Placing value in something internalizes it, and this leads to consistent application.
Safety is the presence of culture and safeguards
The true measure of a man is what he does when no one is watching.
I understand how to work safe...
And I understand the value to me
Why do you work safely?
Proper Tools and Equipment
Do I have the personal protective equipment (PPE) I need?

Do I have the right tools and equipment?

Have I checked if tools/equipment are in good working condition?
1. First, you must care.
2. You must think before you do.
3. You must know how to do it right.
4. You must have the resources.
Sign Spill Response Sheet
On Call This Week:
Greg, Devin, Anthony L, Kendra J
Ralph Conoco Training tomorrow
Fire extinguishers serviced Wednesday morning at 7:00 for field trucks.

Main office/Shop a few hours later on Wed
Training Agreements/Birthday Cards
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