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Titanic by James

No description

Jaci Howard

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Titanic by James

3rd class
There were most 3rd class than any other class. Why? Well it was more affordable. Also, most of them moved to America to have a better life. Or they were coming home from there vacation from Belfast,Ireland. Also most of them died on the Titanic witch was drowning or hypothermia.Also some of the children and women survived but most of the men died on 3rd class.
2nd Class
The second class lived n the middle of the mammoth ship. Also, they were the middle were the middle class in the boat. Also the price for the ticket was a little more than the 3rd class.Also they could go down to 3rd class and that's all they could go down to. Also in my opinion I think they had decent rooms to sleep in at night.
The start of The Titanic
The Titanic is on of the most enormous ships I have ever known. Why? Well because it is 104,882 feet in width, it is 92 feet in height, and its weight is 52,310 tons! Also when they were building they used horses to haul big mammoth parts to build the Titanic.Finally they started to sail over the salty Pacific briny deep.
1st class
First class was one of the most luxurious
classes there was on the Titanic. Also, all
the rich people had to buy the tickets for 1st class. Although less people went on 1st class because of how expensive 1st class was. Also they could go down to all the classes. When the Titanic was sinking the first class had a better chance of surviving because they were on the top and closes to the deck.
3rd class cabin
3rd class smoke room
2nd class cabin
1st class cabin
What I would have done
First what I would have done I would have taken time and effort to build the enormous Royal Mail Ship. Also, I would have put better and harder rivets on the ship. So that means maybe just maybe it wouldn't have sunk. Also, I would have put more life boats and taken off the fake steam stack. So I can make the ship safer and more fun. I would have also made the ship to stay afloat with a little crack in it for a long time.

Chances of surviving
If you were a on the Titanic your chances of surviving depends on which type of ticket you bought. Also, the first class passengers had a chance of 62% of surviving. If you were a second class passenger you would have 41% of surviving the sinking. If you were a third class passenger you would have a chance of 25% percent of surviving the sinking of the Titanic. All together the chances of surviving would be 38% of surviving.
Fun Facts
Did you know when the Titanic was making its first voyage they poured wine off the bow of the ship

:In the RMS Titanic RMS stands for Royal Mail Ship

:Also, the Titanic was supposed to carry 64 lifeboats but it only carried 20.

:In the sinking of the Titanic the water depth was 12,600 ft.

:Two people died while building the Titanic.
Fatal flaws
:One of the flaws were the rivets
were not pure metal.
:They did't put the needed number of lifeboates on the Titanic.
:They ignored 6 iceberg warnings

The Titanic



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