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Get to know Marisa Rodriguez


Marisa Rodriguez

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of Get to know Marisa Rodriguez

B.A Advertising: Management and Media
Minor Spanish
Make Your
Marisa Rodriguez
Follow me:
Call me:
Email me:
There are 3 things you can't teach a person:
Dedication, Work Ethic, and Leadership
Michigan State University
MSU Study Abroad: Valencia Spain
Xi Gamma, Chi Omega
Studied Spanish for 2 months in Valencia, Spain
Completed 9 credits of Spanish courses.
While studying, lived with host family solely speaking in Spanish
During my time was able to travel to 7 different cities and 2 different countries.
East Lansing, MI
Held two leadership positions
Personnel Chair
Head computer Chair during Recruitment
Being a

"To be womanly always, and discouraged never"
"When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won't come up with a handful of mud either.." - Leo Burnett
Work Experience:

Tutored in courses:
Clara Bell Smith Center
Marisa's enthusiasm, drive, and confidence backed by knowledge of her subject matter engender a level of trust not often seen."
-Shannon Duvall Vice President of Advancement & Executive Director of the Foundation at New College of Florida
Julia Grippe, Previous Personnel of Chi Omega
"One finds limits by Pushing them"
2 years of experience
"Marisa exhibits many of the leadership qualities I valued as a college fair recruiter for several Fortune 500 corporations including professionalism, business acumen and innovation."
Dan Lake Instructor at Michigan State
"Marisa was an amazing leader amongst her peers"
Project Manager Intern
Melfi & Associates
Experience in Sports marketing, Crowdsourcing, and Retail Sales companies
Developed and managed online marketing campaigns that effectively drove brand awareness. Responsible for generating Google Analytics report verifying delivery of 1.4 million impressions
Designed and executed Wordpress blog, Twitter Account, and Facebook pages for four clients
Deans List 4 consecutive semesters
Overall G.P.A 3.4/4.0
Academic Accomplishments
Melfi & Associates
MWF Enterprises

Recipient of the Allen Rosenshine Minority Education & Training Scholarship
• Executed top competitor analysis for rebranding strategies of Drano and Windex
• Supported the digital account team by coordinating social timelines and weekly status reports
• Acted as account lead for an integrated campaign for The Treehouses of the Pacific Northwest App
• Oversaw the development of programmatic digital banner units for Ziploc Back to School
• Performed analysis of social content pieces for OFF! by monitoring social buzz and consumer engagement on Facebook
• Participated in Client Agency Brief training at SC Johnson headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin
• Responsible the quality assurance and related accuracy for Ziploc Back to School microsite which resulted in 35 live content executions

Energy BBDO
Digital Account Management Intern - SC Johnson
Michigan State University
NCAA Student Athlete Tutor
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