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Speech To The Young

No description

Olivia Haley

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Speech To The Young

Speech To The Young
Speech To The Progress Toward Speech To The Young Speech To The Progress Toward Say to them,
say to the down-keepers
the sun-slappers,
the self-soilers,
the harmony-hushers
"even if you are not ready for day
it cannot always be night."
You will be right.
For that is the hard home-run

Live not for battles won
Live not for the end-of-song
Live in the along. Gwendolyn Brooks Poet Paraphrasing Tell them
Tell the people who keep you down
The people who intentionally block happiness
The people who aren't able to enjoy simple things
The people who don't understand how to keep peace
"Even if you struggle through hardships you eventually must face and manage your obsticalls"
You will get through it
Even though it may get tough, the results are worth it

Don't always thrive on your past
Don't always look toward future either
Live life in the now Supporting the theme Gwendolyn Brooks uses different literary devices to help reveal the theme. The specific devices we will be exploring are alliteration, assonance, consonance, diction, rhyme scheme, and symbolism. Theme While the poem Speech To The Young, Speech To The Progress Toward is short and relatable, it also provides a rich canvas for an important piece of advice. The theme that Brooks is portraying is you cant let the negative people take you down with them, you have to live life in the present to its fullest extent. While it is okay to occasionally reminisce on past and look towards future presents its not healthy to always do so. Live in the now and live as your own. Alliteration. In lines 3 to 4 alliteration is used with the letter "s" sound. The "s" sound is a smooth, sly, and mysterious noise. It brings out the dispicable and foul meaning behind the words "sun-slappers" and "self soilers". Moving on ASSONANCE Assonance is the repitition of vowel sounds to create internal rhyming within phrases. Assonance is found in lines 7- 12. Line seven ends with "night" which rhymes with the end of line 8's "right". Line 9's "Run" and line 10's "won" also adds to assonance. Finally, line 11 ends with "along" and line 12 ends with "song". This helps create the mood of the poem by creating rhythym and keping an optimistic mood Consonance "Say to the down keepers
the sun-slappers
the self-soilers
the harmony-hushers"
The lines above use the harsh "er" sounds. The ''er" is an example of consonance. This is a poetic way of adding to how bothersome and rude these negative people are. It is an unappealing sound and Gwendolyn is showing us further how dispicable these "sun-slappers" are through use of consonance. SYMBOLISM "For that is the hard home-run"
Hard home-run symbolizes that things that seem impossible are worth it in the end. Hitting a home run is a long and difficult process but once it is done you score another point for your team. "Down- keepers", "sun-slappers", "self-soilers", and "harmony hushers" represent the negative people in your life. "Battles won" symbolizes the good times in the past. Symbolism plays a big role in defining the theme of optimism in this poem. It is a beautiful way of expressing living in the now. RHYME SCHEME The rhyme scheme to this poem is:
A "Say to them"
B "say to the down-keepers"
B "the sun-slappers"
B "the self-soilers"
B "the harmony hushers"
C "Even if you are not ready for day
D "It can not always be night"
D "You will be right"
E "For that is the hard home-run"
E "Live not for battles won"
F "Live not for the end of song"
F "Live in the along" Reflection My final analysis of Speech to The Young Speech To The Progress Toward is that it is an optimistic poem telling us all to not pay attention the people to get you down but look past that and live life to the fullest extent in the present. First Impression When I first read the title of this poem I thought it would cater towards a more serious theme. I thought it would be longer and possibly reminiscence about a story that the speaker would regret and give advice on what not to do in a similar situation. From my further understanding I now know that this has a much more sophisticated aspect. In this poem the speaker is sharing that it is a short life we live so live in the now and don't let people bring you down. Using very whimsical sounding and care free words, this poem adds to how the speaker wants you to view life. Stanzaic Structure This poem consists of two stanzas
-the first being a nine line stanza
- the second being tercet Meter Say to them
say to the down keepers
the sun slappers
the self soilers
the harmony hushers
"even if you are not ready for day
it cannot always be night"
you will be right
for that is that hard home-run

Live not for battles won
Live not for the end-of-song
Live in the along. I did not find specific meter in this poem
it seems to alternate from dactylic to iambic. Diction The speakers word choice is not formal at all. Using phrases such as "harmony-husher" and "self soiler" to describe negative influences sounds pubescent and childish. The speaker uses these words to emphasize just how immature and ridiculous these people are. Speaker This is personal advice the speaker is giving us as a way to change your perspective on life. I assume that the poet is the speaker. The speaker is some one who has in the past been pushed around and is tired for it. The speaker has given up on trying to prove themselves to people who seem to be infinitely unimpressed and is now giving advice to just move on from those sorts of people and live for yourself.
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