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Competitor Analysis // marketing channels

No description

Eliza Pet

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Competitor Analysis // marketing channels

= tool zur Produkt-/ Projektentwicklung von der Community
not giving feedback but creating ideas
Produkte werden von der community designed und später von Unternehmen umgesetzt
create and innovate products with the help of customers themselves
= feedback for brands (egal ob Jeans oder Flugzeug)
scheinbar öffentlich
direktes feedback zu den BO
noch beta - man kann sich nur anmelden
aus Heidelberg
get satisfaction
voice message
= customer satisfaction analytics for emails
Let the customers rate your e-mail response via a link in the e-mail signature
each agent has a different signature
= Add-on tool für websiten, Apps, facebook
crowdsourced feedback
helps improve Products/Apps
customers give ideas, others vote for them
tables, diagrams
Google analytics
US market
customers: NASA, Mozilla, ...
badges/leaderboard as incentives
social media monitoring
= online reputation management tool
social media monitoring
performs text analysis and extracts sentiment, as well as opinions
identification of community leaders
diefferentiated pricing: 0,14,24,98 including different features
= multi-channel customer support
support center: agents, multi-channel support, phone, chat, reporting, content management
real-time alerts
starter plan: 27$/year/up to 3 agents
plus plan: 29$/month/agent; 39$/agent
= text the owner directly
- anonymous
- target group: everyone who owns a mobile phone
- no analysis
- immediate respond needed
- 25$/month/location
- US small businesses
= real-time comments from customers from a web-platform
"Keep negative feedback offline"
send message via internetform (not App)
write from the phone; leave your email
analysis, but not qualitative
5 stars rating
if they don't respond - forward to competitor
email address provided only after payment
= collects and manages feedback from website (customer support system/ help desk)
Customers post issues or suggestions, and others vote the feedback up or down
gamification - support person gets points from the customer for his anwser
95$/ month
120.000 organizations in 170 countries
= add-on tool to the website of BO
customers ask questions,share ideas, report problems
other customers can rate&answer
intension to take the load off the service hotlines
a big part of automized responses
starts at 39$/seat/month
= Internet-Feedback-Community
many-to-many Online-Plattform
Kundenservice in Communities, soz. Netzwerken (facebook,Twitter) und auf der Firmenwebsite
in Echtzeit
Auswertungen, Statistiken
flexible Preisfindug
= sending texts to businesses online
text a business & get respond
= Get complaints heard and resolved with the help of your friends & followers
feedback annehmen oder es wird im i-net veröffentlicht
Ziel: convert unhappy customers into happy c.
nur als Kanal für BO gedacht
have to
link your facebook and/or Twitter account to the App
if they solved your problem your gripe turnes to a cheer
owner has to react to the complain
one-time fee
include the name of the manager/ person you spoke with
the manager/owner decides if the gripe will be spreaded or not by solving the problem; if he doesn't solve it will be spread
add fotos/videos
= Qualitätsmanagement 2.0
Hotels,Restaurants, Events, Produkte, Health
auf BO konzentriert
in Echtzeit
individuell konfigurierbar
überall integrierbar (homepage, Rechnung,...)
= social opinion application for mobile platforms (social media meets market research)
App zum Meinung abgeben zu random Aussagen von random usern
collective inteligence
built-in analytics discovers patterns and trends
generates predictive reporting
feedback on "hottest" topics
gamingfactor, lustig zu bedienen, aber unseriös
=Kundenfeedback zur Qualitätssicherung von überall
0€/39€/auf Anfrage
nicht öffentlich
feedback-formulare individuell erstellbar
= platform for putting together your visitors' ideas and recommendations on your project
Ideen von Besuchern zum Verbessern von Webseiten
Tool für Webseitenbetreiber, mit dem sie direkt Feedback der Besucher bekommen können
Besucher können Ideen einreichen, für Ideen voten und sich mit dem Seitenbetreiber austauschen
feedback on design for website, projects, blogs
user gestalten mit
um zu erfahren - welche feautures will Kunde?
widget for the website
everyone can submit ideas and vote
= aus bestehendem Kassensystem ein innovatives Tool für Qualitätsmanagement und Kundenbindung
QR codes auf Rechnungen
Coupons, Punkte, Tipps, Cashback
= Real-Time Multi-Channel Feedback solution for gathering customer feedback and analyzing it
SMS, MMS, email, voice recording
social media monitoring
keine App
intelligent text analytics - sentiment analysis
qualitative feedback with semantic indexing
dashboard with analytics
haben schon größere UN als Kunden z.B. Orange
= gathering in a single analyse, all feedbacks customers give in different channels
social media
semantic analysis
world's fastest and most accurate discussion topic and sentiment identification
analysis - Natural Language Processing
= feedback is a gift
giving feedback straight to BO through an App
anonymous, private
BO's react directly through a message
gastro, hotel, shops
= a tool for discovering the best movies, shows, and books, the best things to do and places to go according to your friends and experts
free for the user
= is the place for creating and sharing opinions about the extra ordinary things in life. Take a stand about the best and worst people, places, things and ideas.
= real time feedback web application that combines an SMS system with a mobile chat
reports - analysis
employees react to feedback
customer: SMS/mobile website --> BO: dashboard/App
= a mobile app and website by the Otherland Group, which allows you to “praise” the things you love and share this appreciation with others
gibt's noch nicht
Kundenmeinungen Standortbezogen überwachen
in Echtzeit
Proaktive Benachrichtigungen
Graphische Stimmungsanalyse
noch nicht gelauncht
= the world's original provider of user-generated content
provides trusted and accurate restaurant ratings and curated restaurant reviews for thousands of top restaurants worldwide
= instagram for food
experience food moments in you and your friends’ lives through pictures
remember, organize and explore food moments with your friends
gut aufgebaut: nice design, interessante Funktionen --> check
= Digitale Stempelkarte als App über die man auch Rabattangebote und Aktionen verschicken kann
= add-on Umfrage-tool für Firmen
Umfragebogen selber gestalten
view feedback in real-time
= Link oder Widget zur Firmenwebsite als suggestion-box
jeder kann Vorschläge zu jedem Möglichen Thema geben
nicht nur Feedback, sondern konkrete Vorschläge! --> gute Idee
= User-friendly Feedback forms on every page
Kunde muss Kontaktdaten da lassen - nicht anonym
eher tool zum managen von feedback
feedback für Sales, Marketing, Support
Integration von Google analytics
= Feedback 2.0; v.a. Managementtool/ Befragungstool
sms, email, QRcodes, website, App(nicht gefunden)
inkl. Antwortfunktion, Statisktiken, persönlichen Support, individuelle Fragebogengestaltung
auch als white-label

= global leader in omnichannel Voice of Customer (VoC) feedback solutions
collects feedback on website/app, mobile, instore, on product - at every brand's touch-point
QR codes
comment cards that pop up on the website
data analysis
krasse Kunden
= feedback sammeln und organisieren für große Firmen
crowd-sourcing - community forum tool
englisch, russian
real-time chat, helpdesk, public discussions forum for feature requests, ideas
Pricing 0-256$
log on with social network account
feedback widget
voting, social networking integration and user moderators
google analytics
= Produktguide
Testberichte, Preisvergleich, Öko- und Gesundheitsinformationen
Produktinformationen und Bewertungen
Produktbeschreibung, Nachhaltigkeit des Produktes, Fakten zum Produkt, Inhaltsstoffe und Nährwertangaben, Meinungen, Bewertungen mit Freitextfunktion
noch nicht gelauncht
give feedback with your smartphone
discover if your friends have made similar experiences
one touch location
= Share and track your movement, explore events
• Standort verschicken per email, SMS, per facebook teilen
• Trace your location and link to your friends
• Discover points of interest (where is a hair dresser on my way to work?)
• Integrates with facebook, google maps, foursquare
• Pro version 1,99$

Finde Secrets.in deiner Nähe und teile Sie mit anderen.
Mach' mit und entdecke deine Stadt neu.

•Fragen stellen an die community zu Städten
•Antworten bekommen
•Mit facebook anmelden
•Fragen, Antoworten, Follower, Votes, Following
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