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Tort or No Tort Assignment(problem 18.1 page 214)

No description

Jacquline Knight

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Tort or No Tort Assignment(problem 18.1 page 214)

problem 18.1 Tort Assignment Sixteen-year-old Carrie is baby sitting for four-year-old Jill.Carrie leaves Jill in the living room and goes into the kitchen to call her boyfriend. From the kitchen she can hear but not see Jill. While Carrie is away, Jill falls off a chair and is hurt A: Plaintiff: Jill (Parents)
Defendant: Carrie
Yes the defendant should pay because she was hired to watch Jill and failed to do so Ben, a high school football player, tackles a teammate in practice. When the teammate hits the ground, his shoulder dislocates. B: Plaintiff: Teammate
Defendant: Ben
No the defendant should not have to pay because it was an accident and its part of playing foot ball Mr. Ghosh owns a large apartment building. When his janitors wax the lobby floor, they place near the front door a 12-inch-square sign that reads: "Caution. Wet Floors. Mrs.Gonzalez is hurrying home from shopping carrying two large bags of groceries. She does not see the sign and slips and falls on the freshly waxed floor, injuring her knee and arm. C: Plaintiff: Mrs.Gonzalez
Defendant: Mr. Ghosh
No, the defendant shouldn't have to pay because he took the right precautions to prevent any accidents and Mrs.Gonzalez wasn't paying attention Corina leaves a sharp knife on the kitchen table after making a sandwich. A three-year-old neighbor who has been invited over to play with Corina's daughter climbs up on a chair, grabs the knife, and seriously cuts his finger. D: Plaintiff: three-year-old neighbor (Parents)
Defendant: Corina
Yes the defendant should have to pay the plaintiff because she should have been responsible enough to put the knife up. Jamal, a school bus driver, has a heart attack while driving the bus. The bus slams into a wall, inuring several students. One month earlier Jamal's doctor had warned him of his heart condition E: Plaintiff: Injured students
Defendant: Jamal
Yes, the defendant should have to pay because he had already been warned that he had a heart condition Matt and Emily are sitting in the upper deck behind first base at a major league baseball game. A foul ball hit by their team's star player bounces off a railing, smacking Matt in the head and giving him a concussion. F: Plaintiff: Matt
Defendant: Baseball player/team
The defendant should not have to pay because Matt knew the risk of foul balls hitting someone Jess, an expert auto mechanic, continues to drive her car even though she knows that the break linings are badly worn. Driving on a rain-slick road at night, she skids into a bicyclist who is riding one foot away from the right curb. G: Plaintiff: Bicyclist
Defendant: Jess
The defendant should have to pay because she knew that the break linings were going bad and knew that there way only a matter of time before something bad happened
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