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Jeff Koons

No description

Cat Myers

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of Jeff Koons

Jeffrey Koons

January 21st 1955
City of Birth:
York, Pennsylvania, US

Find An Artist Quote About

Why have audiences reacted so positively to Puppy around the world?
Jeff Koons said, 'Puppy is a piece about love and happiness' which makes the audiences feel the love and happiness that Koons felt when he created Puppy.

What are your thoughts and feelings about Puppy as an artwork?
Puppy is a great artwork and it makes me feel happy and joyful.
Puppy was first created in 1992. Jeff Koons got the idea of Puppy from his sculpture 'White Terrier'. the dimensions of Puppy are 1234.4 x 1234.4 x 650.2 cm.

by Ashley, Aya and Jennifer
Jeff Koons
"I wanted to create a piece that functioned in the tradition of Catholicism of the sacred heart & an image that would communicate love, warmth and happiness to people, a very objective image. so the idea of making Puppy happened, where I would make a structure that would have these live, growing, flowers on it & I think it really deals with the relationship between man and God, it is a very spiritual thing."
What Do You Think He Means:
In the quote I think Jeff Koons means that the live, growing flowers represent the relationship between man and God, and he also means that he is a very spiritual person.
What Were Jeff Koons Intentions In Making
His intentions in making
Puppy are to create a sculpture that conveys to people feelings of warmth, love and & happiness. Also to represent a man's connection with God through the live, breathing flowers. He wanted to create a piece of art that functioned in the "Tradition of Catholicism of the sacred heart". He wanted people to look at it and create their own interpretation of what they see - and that could differ between everyone who views it.
Other Key Artworks & Material:
Gazing Ball - 2013
Elephant - 2003
Balloon Dog - 1995/1998
Inflatable Flower & Bunny - 1979
Vinyl and mirror
Plaster and glass
High chromium stainless steel with transparent color coating
Oil on canvas
How many versions of puppy were made, and where
ere they installed throught the world?
There were 4 made, in Arsolen, Germany,
Sydney, Australia, New York City, USA, and Bilbao, Spain

Where does puppy live now permanently?
Puppy now lives permanently in Aguirre Plaza outside the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum in Spain.

Puppy can change appearance. How is this possible?

Puppy can change its appearance by instead using flowers he could use other plants like ferns e.t.c.

Instead of making an ordinary statue, Jeff Koons decided to make a larger version of his sculpture 'White Terrier' only this time he made it out of living plants and much, much bigger.

The materials used to make Puppy were 25 tonnes of soil, 70000 blooming flowers, metal terrier structure and hand made mesh wire.

Puppy's stainless steal frame was made with the help of 3D computer modeling. Puppy is fitted with an internal irrigation system (automatic water system) which keeps all of the plants alive.
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