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Why Work at Pixar

No description

Ilana Dell

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Why Work at Pixar

Pixar The Studio Develop computer-animated feature films with memorable characters and heartwarming stories that appeal to audiences of all ages
source: pixar.com 1984 1995 2006 26 Academy Awards
7 Golden Globes
3 Grammys “It’s not the brick or mortar that make Pixar, it’s the people”
Principles Communicate freely with all levels
Offer ideas without fear of failure
Stay close to innovative ideas in academia
OE Equality Informal
Hands-off Management Communication
Long-Term Collaboration Goals Culture Jobs Benefits Career Apply Entry Level Positions
Production Management Assistant
Publicity Management Assistant
Equity and LTI Administrator
Project Coordinator
Production Research Associates Good Candidates
"ultra-nerds with good communication skills"
Failed and overcome
Out of the Box
Creative Facilities and Perks Why Pixar? Employee Benefits Industry Leader

Standard Benefits
Health Insurance
401k Full-Time Positions
Sample Starting Salaries
Opportunities to Grow Pixar University "If you want to work with talented, funny, awesome people who take pride in their work and kick butt at ping pong, then Pixar is the place to be.” —Veronica, Production Intern Gross over $6.3b worldwide
source: John Lasser youtube.com/watch ?v=pHPZMIAhpqs source: nytimes.com source: glassdoor.com source: Finding Nemo source: nytimes.com source: nytimes.com
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