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Copy of Newspaper English

Oral exam

Siemen Van Asch

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Newspaper English

The British Comrade "A better life for everyone" Front page Main objectives Readership Unskilled workers
Young people

Political influence Entertain Human interest
TV programmes
Celebrity news
Puzzles & riddles

Inform Sports
Home affairs
Foreign affairs
Business news Political influence support left of centre parties
against Iraq-war
critical against government policy Unskilled workers Labourers
Unemployment rate of 7,8%
Economic crisis Women Gender gap of 21%
Want human interest Young people Entertainment
Not a lot of money Competition Competitors
Difference from others Competitors The Daily Mirror
The Sun
The Star
The Morning Star Difference from others Critical towards government
Giving a community feeling
Socialist opinion on several subjects Subjects Human interest
Society news
Showbizz news
Multimedia Sports Mainly football
National sport news
Society news Regional news
Highlight social projects Advertising Cheap products
Women-friendly products
Multimedia products Finally Name
Target circulation
Special Features Name The British Comrade
"A Better Life For Everyone"
Target circulation 750.000 Price 35p Special features If you bring your old newspaper
with you when you buy a new one you get
a discount of 5p
"Fail of the day"-picture
News of the communities
Ruben Godelaine
Siemen van Asch
Dennis Vanoppen
Andreas Gemis Thank you for listening!

Any questions? Human interest
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