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Thomas Kettner

No description

natasha doroodian

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Thomas Kettner

THOMAS KETTNER By: Natasha Doroodian Thomas Kettner was born and raised in He is now living back in germany, but will always keep his love for the black continent South Africa Hs. He frequently returns to do new photoshoots Kettner is able to capture warmth simplicity and Kettner's pictures capture the emotion within the moment and not just the moment its self. I see the emotion, do you? Meet Tom: The beach is a great place to take pictures.

Kettner uses the natural lighting to create different effects in his photography Thomas Kettner made his name on all continents Photographing beauty, LOVE, Family, fashion, Tom was born October 16th, 1965. He uses shapes to add detail to the photo and sports. The end :) I like Thomas's photography because of the happiness and passion shown in his pictures. He uses lighting to his advantage and is always ready to capture things in the spur of the moment. Thomas admitted that some of his models are his closest friends, or people he grew up with, which I believe makes the pictures have more meaning to them.
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