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Bac Ha Technologies Co. Ltd.

Introduction and services of BHTech, contact me if you have any question, anh_tvv@bhtech.com.vn

Tran Vu Viet Anh

on 4 January 2018

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Transcript of Bac Ha Technologies Co. Ltd.

Server side coding
Client side coding
Viasys VDC
Eksentria Oy
smc global service GmbH
Zealyx, Inc.
USCSoft Co.
TG S&S Co., Ltd.
Be a brick to build your goal!
Bac Ha Technology Co. Ltd.(BHTech) was established in 2002. In May 2013, BHTech drives forward to the software development service based on team building service as the main strategy of the company.
BHTech Ecosystem
Team building and other software development services. Looking for new business collaboration opportunities.
Continue to work with Vianova Oy, the main partner, and focus on Scandinavians’ clients
Start with mobile technologies, then will go further and focus on mobile solutions for enterprises
With whom we work
Software development service providers:
We are eager to provide you with custom software development service. Our service will be profitable for you.
ISV-Software product companies:
Company makes and sells software products, platforms, games, etc.

Agile-minded companies:
Our services are tailored for companies that appreciate and utilize Agile and programming practices in their software development process.
Rapid prototyping start-up services:
Software companies with interests in new software development and services.
Contact us
Bac Ha Technologies Co. Ltd.
6th floor, Technosoft Bld., Duy Tan Str., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
www.bhtech.com.vn - Info@bhtech.com.vn
Our service locations
Software Dev Team On-demand
Delivering high quality
Valuable development services
Focusing on our strength in resource scalability and processes transparency
Team members are selected as your remote in house development staffs.
We are offering
Software Dev Team On-demand
Custom Software Development
Business Software Development
The “plug and play” or “out of the box” software packages, you may recognize that they have not met all requirements of the increasingly complex IT industry;
Creating more value for your business, improving efficiency through IT systems and reducing your costs.
Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development
We can produce mobile application tailored exactly to your specific requirements for enhanced business efficiency, functionality and value addition.
Case study
Team with Vianova System Finland Oy
Starting with two developers, MS .Net skills
Trained with technical skills that needed for project
Daily communication via Skype and project tools. Overlap working time is 4 hours per day (morning in Finland is afternoon in Vietnam)
Replaced one developer as he was not meet the expectation
Now is more than ten qualified developers in the Bac Ha side are working with Vianova projects
Key points of co-operation:
Good contact points with highly responsive manner from each side
Good resources in the team, the team can understand requirements and deliver on time
Good processes and tools to monitor project’s development and milestones.
Our client testimonials
We’ve done business with Bac Ha since Bac Ha was established. We feel confident submitting high level projects to Bac Ha which require highest level of technical expertise and ability to solve problems without our involvement. Bac Ha is our premier partner in Viet Nam and whole of South East Asia.
Ville Herva, CTO, Vianova Oy
Finding the right partner to help achieve our company goal was the key. BHTech has consistently met the needs of my organization and often exceeds my expectation with the people they provided. They have proven the ability to adapt our organization management style and overall demand. BHTech often go above and beyond to keep up with quality demand, even often injected their own resources to make things right. Working with BHTech reduces a lot of the stress with finding talented programmer. I am confidently rely on BHTech to provide the needed talents for my organization.
Kevin Dang, CTO, USCSoft
Why us?
Flexible client engagement models, rely on proven governance processes, methodologies and metrics
Extensive experience in international collaboration
Gives our customers transparency, discipline, reduction of risk and creation of the most successful business partnerships.
Standardized project management. Modern software development methodology
Young, motivated and qualified human resources
Capability for business expansion
Low overhead cost and very competitive price
Benefits from working with BHTech
We are focus on quality
Skilled software developers
We are flexibility
Competitive costs and salaries
Team management
Transparent pricing
Talent specialists especially for you
Why Vietnam?
High level of IT literacy, education and young resource pool
Cheap labor cost keeps our prices competitive
Be coming a high technology center of the world
Political stability
Good communication infrastructure
And more: https://clutch.co/profile/bhtech
Our technical skills
Web Development
Babytale is a digital baby book where you can store the memories of the first years of the baby's life in digital form and later get a book printed. Try the demo that you can find here. Using demo does not require registration and lets you try how to build a book. Use your imagination! Create, format and build! Store the memories!
PHP-yii; iPhone/iPad; Android; Windows Phone 8;
Project Size:
pizzapastahameln.de is the website to let people check and order pizza and pasta at the local area. All related information are in the web.
PHP Drupal;
Project Size
Korea-Saudi Business Forum is a official website for the KSBF 2014 event.
Wordpress, PHP, Bootstrap
Project Size
2 mm
Eksentria is the website for the customer company.
Wordpress, PHP
Mobile development
iPhone/iPad; Android; Windows Phone 8;
iOS : https://itunes.apple.com/vn/app/babytale/id847205014?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fi.eksentria.babytale
Babytale mobile tool is an application for uploading photos to Babytale web application. Babytale web application is a service used for building a digital book of a baby’s first years of life. When the book is built ready it can be printed as a hard-copy.
FAQ that you may have
IP -Intellectual property
Q: How about IP and how can you secure IP?
A: We will have NDA between you and BHTech. We will ask all related members to sign an additional NDA between members and BHTech if necessary.
Q: May I have a separated/isolated room for my projects teams?
A: Yes, BHTech can arrange a separate room as you may need for the working environment based on the signed service contract
Secure room
Q: Do developers know and familiar with any software development process?
A: Yes, we are familiar with Agile/Scrum or Kanban. Furthermore, our developers use several tools such as Trello.com, Redmine, Bugzilla, SVN, github...
Q: What kind of software license will bundle with the service contract?
A: Any PCs in BHTech will have its OS licenses (MS Windows or Ubuntu). It is bundled with the service contract. Other software and tools are not covered. Therefore, if you need to use, please send us your software license, or we will buy it instead.
Software licenses
Q: Will developers be able to work with a few shift-time hours to have overlapped working hours with customers?
A: With EU time zone, there is about 3-5 hours overlap in the afternoon compared to Vietnam time. With the US customers, there is much difference in working hours. Thus, we can offer the time shift to work with customers depending on specific projects.

Overlap/shift time
Q: Is this possible to send developers to work on-site at the customer’s office?
A: Yes, BHTech can send our developers abroad to seat at the customer's office for few months or a year. This will be a very good model for long-term projects as the project team will have a higher productivity. Also staffs of our customers are welcome to our office and work with the team in Hanoi if any.
On site
Processes and Tools
Agile / Scrum or Kanban
Tracker Security
Traxmeet Oy
Alpha Technologies
ASEAN Micro Technology
FileOptics International Pty, Ltd
>15 customers from more than 10 countries
3 more Start-ups
Inform Technology Ltd.
Daily / Weekly meeting
Skype teleconferences
or video-conferences
Projects discussion
Project board, like Trello
Can comments, exchange texts, images...
Source code management
Daily code commit with comments
Tasks and assignments
Timezone differences
Hanoi is GMT +7
Helsinky is 4/5 hours later -GMT+2
Sydney is 4 hours earlier -GMT+11
4 hours overlab in the morning
4 hours overlab in the afternoon
beFelix UG
University of Colorado, Denver
3 more Start-ups
Green Packet
Billing App with
Hybrid app with ionic - AngularJS 2
iOS app for iPad
Public Infrastructure Management
- Web & Mobile apps
3D Visualization and Simulation
BIM Software Development
GIS and Map Applications
Business Custom Software Portfolio
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