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Understanding the Nontraditional

No description

Amy Cooke

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Understanding the Nontraditional

It is all about sustainability!
Online Nontraditional Transfer Students at Gardner-Webb
Establish a supportive environment
Offer various methods of instruction
Make connections between education and career goals
Support at intake and exit
Nontraditional Nursing Students
Promote Program and NCLEX Success by:

Alternate scheduling/structured scheduling
Faculty Advisor/Mentor
Cohort/class/clinical groups
Service Learning-Health Fairs
Social integration-PNE Club, College Fairs, Team Building
How Can Educational Institutions Enhance Support for Nontraditional Learners?


Are You Nontraditional?

Nontraditional Adult High School Students!
Nontraditionals are here to stay...
Leading Questions
Data Points, American Association of Community Colleges February, 2014
Data Points American Association of Community Colleges retrieved from

Metzner, B. S. and Bean, J. P. (1987). The estimation of a conceptual model of nontraditional undergraduate student attrition. Research in Higher Education, 27(1),15-38.

Gardner-Webb University (2013). Longitudinal comparison of online and seated course enrollment. Retrieved from: http://www.gardnerwebb.edu/information/departments/institutional-research/index
1) Supplementing financial aid/payment plans

2) Creating simpler, clearer paths to attain the college
diploma or degree

3) Simplifying remediation/less time to gaining college

4) Linking college classes with meaningful work
experience (co-op, internships)

5) Coaching/mentoring, online study groups

Previous Research
A conceptual model of nontraditional undergraduate student attrition. Metzner & Bean, 1987
Research and Pre-existing policies

Policy options: advantages and disadvantages

McDowell Technical
Community College


Business and Industry

Global Perspective

Success measured on a local level
Who and When?
Nursing Program


Licensed Graduates

Quality of the nursing program is predicated on the first-time testing

Research indicates there is no "magic bullet" fix
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