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Case Study: Monde Modeling Agency

No description

Kristen Trapnell

on 10 July 2013

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Transcript of Case Study: Monde Modeling Agency

Monde Modeling Agency
Case Study by Amandla Consulting

Order of Events
SWOT Analysis: Monde Modeling Agency
Determine Central Issue
Map of Service
Business Registration Basics
Walk through Sample Contract
Central Issue
What role should legal protections play in the sustainability of growth for Monde Modeling Agency?
Core Issues
1) Not a registered business
2) No contract with models
3) Poor contract with model network
4) No income tax registration
5) No VAT registration or status
SWOT Analysis
Prioritization Process
Determine Business Preference

The CC has no board of directors
Protection against fines and/or termination
Should you Register your Business?
Process in Registering a CC
Creating Contract with Models

Contract with RGMN: What To Do Next
Step 1: What are your goals?
Step 2: What are your capabilities?
Step 3: What are the consequences?
Step 4:What is the process to achieve those goals?

Brand identity
Unique Value Proposition
Strong Entrepreneurial Work Ethic
Business not registered
Lack of legal knowledge
No contracts with models

Increasing demand for black models
Only reliable source of black models in Cape Town
High profit potential in working with a modeling agency

No protection in contract with RGMN
RGMN calls models directly, excluding Monde
Poor contract with RGMN

Simple, quick and affordable
CC is easier to manage
Limited Liability
Private Company
Close Corporation
Sole Trader
Why CC?
Legal Capacity
Register Business
Ability to enter contracts as a Judicial Person
Map of Service
Student goes through program
Student applies
for program
Model Agency
finds work for model
Legal Capacity
Increases expenses
Takes time

Subject to audit
Step 1: Go to http://www.cipc.co.za/
Step 2: Reserve Name CK2 form (R50)
Step 3: Appoint an accounting officer
Step 4: Register CK7 form (R100)

What constitutes a breach
Location where contract is valid
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