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Book Report for Soccerland

No description

Kendra Feagans

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Book Report for Soccerland

By: Beth Choat About Soccerland For my book report, I read "Soccerland" by Beth Choat. It is a Truman Award about a seventh grade girl named Flora Dupre who loves playing soccer. Her mom loved playing soccer, too, but she died when Flora was little, so Flora lives on a farm in Acadia with Pa (her dad), Memere and Pepere (her grandparents), her aunts and uncles, and a cousin named Remi who is like a brother to her. A Canceled Game Exciting News Finally Leaving The Academy In the beginning of the story, Flora and her soccer team are waiting at their small school in Acadia for the girls from Aroostook to come play a game against them. Aroostook has won against Acadia before, but this time Flora knows her team will win. But then, Aroostook doesn't show up because they are helping pick potatoes from their farm. Flora is furious, and her friends on her team don't even seem to care about the game. So, Flora has to go back home and pick potatoes with her own family. Later on, as Flora is helping pick potatoes, her soccer coach, Coach Roy, comes to her house. He tells her that she has been invited to play in U.S. Soccer for the U-14 National Development Program, which means she gets to play soccer and U.S. National Team coaches will decide if she is good enough to play for the country. Flora is shocked and excited. At first, Pa doesn't want her to go and thinks she's too young, but the family discusses it and finally decides to let her go. The next morning, Flora gets ready to leave. She eats breakfast and goes outside to see her whole family celebrating for her. She gets in the car with Coach Roy and waves goodbye to everyone as they drive away. When Flora reaches the airport and gets off her plane, she meets a ninth grader named Logan Livingston and thinks he's really cute. They board the bus to the International Sports Academy together and get to know each other. Flora reaches the Academy, which is huge and amazing. She meets a friendly and talkative woman named Sally, who tells her where her room is. All of the dorms are named after Olympic host cities, and Flora gets to live in Beijing. She goes to her room and meets her roommate, Samantha. Samantha is really friendly also, and is a gymnast on a real National team. The next morning, Flora gathers with the one hundred girls who play soccer at the academy outside. She meets an enthusiastic girl named Nikesha and a perfect girl named Sperry. She also sees Tatiana, Kaylee, and Zoe, "The Three Queen Bs" that she met on the bus. Earlier, Flora also met a creepy wackadoodle, and now she finds out that he's Matt Keene, the U-15 Girls' National Team Coach, and almost faints, hoping he's not as weird as she thought. After that, all the girls play small soccer games with a few people in each group. One Hundred Girls Flora gets her soccer jersey and gear, and takes them back to her room. Later, she gathers with the girls again so Matt can talk to them, and then plays more small soccer games. After that, they all go into a gymnasium to do tests on things like weight and body fat. Then, Flora calls Memere and tells her about everything that has happened. The next day, the girls learn to stretch and dribble. Flora and Sperry pair up and make a really good team, and start to become friends. Later, the girls go to the auditorium, and Cat Whitehill, a defender on the U.S. Women's National Team, comes to talk to them. Flora, Sperry, and Nikesha are all surprised and excited. That night, Flora types an E-mail to Coach Roy about meeting the famous soccer player. The next six days, Flora plays a lot of soccer, and Samantha helps her stretch her sore hamstrings. Flora is also adapting to different positions on the field, instead of being a forward like normal. On the ninth day of camp, the first cut is made. Flora is really nervous, but she reads the list of names to find that she made it, along with Sperry, Nikesha, and the Queen Bs. Zoe doesn't seem as much of a Queen B as she thought, but needs to stop hanging out with Tatiana and Kaylee. After the cut and an ice cream party with Nikesha and Sperry, Flora goes outside to sit alone. She thinks about Ma and starts to cry, and then Matt walks by and sees her. She accidentally tells him about how her mom is dead, and her dad didn't want her to come to camp. He tells her there's no crying in soccer, and goes to his office. The First Cut Cat Whitehill Flora continues practicing with her teammates. Then, she stops by Samantha's gymnasium and watches her practice. They go outside and stretch together after that, and Samantha tells her about how she always has injuries and her dad hates it. Flora is shocked by how it doesn't seem to bother Samantha that she has so many injuries all of the time. Then, they go to lunch and sit with Galena, another gymnast. They teach each other words from Spanish and French. Being a Gymnast A New Friendship Then, Flora talks to Remi and finds out bad news. Pepere had a stroke as he was moving barrels of potatoes in the barn. He was in the hospital, and Remi wants Flora to come home immediately. Flora feels bad, but knows she can't leave with four days of camp left, and gets mad at Remi for not understanding. Charley, a lady who makes hypnosis recordings, talks to Flora in her office. Flora explains that she is terrified of making the wrong decision - what if Pepere dies? She calls Pa, and he seemed to agree that she should stay at camp. He sounded really sad, though. Bad News Sally's House After Flora gets done talking with Pa and Charley, Sally decides to take her to her house just for a little while. They go to her Lincoln Log house in the woods, and walk on a trail with Cocoa and Kisses, Sally's Labrador retrievers. Flora meets Sally's husband, Simon, who is nice and tells a story about meeting a bear in the woods. After that, Flora returns to the Academy and finds a teddy bear with a note from Samantha on her bed, who seemed to care about and feel sorry for Flora. After playing some more soccer the next day, Flora talks to Nikesha and Sperry about Pepere's stroke and her decision to stay at camp, and they understand. The three of them are great friends now, and call each other "sistuhs." Also, Logan stops by to see how Flora is doing - Samantha must have told him about Pepere. Flora is a little upset, but Samantha doesn't really notice. That night, Flora gets an E-mail from Uncle Al that makes her laugh, and another E-mail the next morning from Uncle Henry that cheers her up as well. Everything seems to be going great. Everything Going Great That morning, it is very cool and light rain is falling. Flora finds it hard to get her muscles going. As she is playing soccer, her right hamstring seizes up. Tony, the head physical therapist, brings Flora to the Academy trainers' room, where she lies on a table and he takes care of her hamstring. She has to stay there all day. After that, she is able to go to the dining hall to eat with Tony. She also gets an E-mail from Memere that says Pepere is doing great and is proud of her, and then Charley gives her a soccer hypnosis recording. A Seized up Hamstring On the last day of camp, Matt asks Flora to come talk to him after breakfast. Flora is terrified that he's going to cut her, but he says he is moving her from right striker to left back because she has a good left leg and her size and strength would work well on defense. She knows that at least she's still in the mix to make the U-15s, but is angry, since he's moving her on the last day of camp. The girls meet outside, and Matt decides to make another cut. There are only thirty girls left now. Once again, though, Flora, Sperry, Nikesha, and the Queen Bs make it. Another Cut The first game starts off a bit badly, but through the first half Flora begins to get the hang of being a defender. But during the second half, the ball never really comes toward her, so she can't show her skills. Kaylee finally brings it over, but then she nutmegs Flora and scores. After the game, she tries to kill Kaylee with kindness by telling her how awesome her goal was. Surprisingly, Kaylee says thanks and is friendly. Flora realizes Tatiana is the real Queen B, not Zoe or Kaylee. The Last Day Flora goes to her room to chat with Samantha and listen to her hypnosis recording. Then, she goes to the final soccer game. A whole crowd of people have gathered to watch. The game starts off smoothly. Flora, Nikesha, Sperry, and Zoe work together and score two goals. Tatiana hurts her knee and leaves the game, and Flora doesn't even feel sorry for her. But then, near the end of the first half, Flora kicks the ball and accidentally scores an own goal - in the most important game of camp. After the game, Flora forces a smile to stay on her face. But she knows her dream is over and wants to cry. Own Goal After crying in the shower for half an hour, Flora goes to the auditorium and sits with Sperry, Nikesha, Zoe, and Kaylee. Matt stands on the stage. He has chosen ten people to be on his team. He reads them out loud, and Flora gets more and more nervous. Finally, he finishes, and she realizes that he hadn't call her name and she hadn't made the team. But then, Matt comes to talk to her and says he is very proud of her and she's an excellent player. He also says that he would like her to live at the Academy and train for a whole year, and gives her an International Sports Academy warm-up jacket. She was going to be a resident! He had already talked to Pa about it, and Flora could go home to Maine for a little while and then come back to the Academy for a year. Becoming a Resident Flora calls Pa, and he is cheerful. He says she can be a resident and follow her dream, as long as this really was her dream. She says it is, and he agrees. Flora also talks to Remi, and they make up. Then, Flora hugs Matt with joy, and remembers he doesn't like hugs. He laughs, though. Flora also runs into Zoe, who has the same warm-up jacket on. They both get to train at the Academy together. Flora is so happy, and knows that there really is a Soccerland. A Happy Ending My Review I thought that Soccerland was a great book. I loved Flora's personality, and how she was confident and nice to everyone, and never gave up even when the toughest problems came along in soccer and with other people. It seemed like a realistic story, with things that real soccer players have to deal with. I also liked how at the end, it didn't seem like there was going to be a happy ending, but then instead of Flora making the U-15s, she got the opportunity to stay at the Academy for a year and then make the team, which was even better. I would recommend Soccerland to anyone who likes reading about an adventure of making friends, making enemies, and playing soccer. I loved the book Soccerland and could read it again. The End
By: Mattie Peter
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