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Crucible vs Salem Witch Trials

Introduction: This project just shows us a more in depth look at the Crucible and the Salem Witch Trials. It will also show us why the Crucible was made & how it is connected to McCarthyism.

Nick Sameth

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Crucible vs Salem Witch Trials

The Crucible Project The Crucible Vs. Salem Witch Trials Salem Witch Trials What Really Happened! More Info? Click the Links for more in-depth info on the Trials ^_^ The Crucible/ Witch Trials Salem Witch Trials The Crucible What happened in the book? More About The Play? The Crucible & McCarthyism The Crucible The girls in "The Crucible" ruined many lives by all the accusations that they've made. Arthur Miller actually wrote the play in response to Senator McCarthy & the House Un-American Activities Committee's crusade against supposed communist. The Difference! Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, & Tituba were the first people to be accused of witchcraft. The unfortunate combination of an ongoing war, economic conditions, teenage boredom, and personal jealousies can account for the hysteria of the witch trials of Salem in 1692. Spectral evidence is the belief that witches can send their spirits onto their victims. http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/salem/SAL_ACCT.HTM Nick Sameth & Meagan Pair
2nd Per.
Ms.Herman From June to Sept of 1692, 19 men & women, all convicted of witchcraft, were carted to Gallows Hills to be hanged. A man over the age of 80 years was pressed to death for refusing to submit to trial for witchcraft charges. Small pox, a feud with a rival village, & the threat of an attack from Native Americans caused great fear & suspicion in Salem Prisons were filled with over 150 men & women from towns around Salem. Spectral evidence was the main reason why people were accused of witchcraft. Spectral evidence is disbanded & witch trials end. The Superior Court of Judicature replaced the "witchcraft" court. This court ended the use of spectral evidence; released people awaiting trial & excused those waiting to be executed. In effect, ended the Salem Witch Trials. Men & Women were accused of practicing witchcraft, not just women. The witch trials era lasted less than a year. The first arrest was made on March 1, 1692 & the final hanging day was on Sept 22, 1692. The Witchcraft Trials in Salem: A Commentary http://www.salemwitchmuseum.com/education/index.php Salem's Most Visited Museum & FAQS http://www.salemwitchmuseum.com/education/faq.php As you can see, she is performing witchcraft. Trials in front of a judge & grand jury. This is also how people looked when "bewitched". Tituba is a slave from Barbados. Abigail Williams is portrayed as a 17 year old girl in both the book & the movie. The book portrays Proctor as someone in their thirties. Tituba gives Abigail a charm that helps her have Proctor to herself. Betty Paris is 10 years old in the book. She is the first to be come ill after becoming "bewitched". Reference:
"The Salem Witch Trials of 1692." Salem Witch Museum. Pickering Web Design, 2012. Web. 20 Oct. 2012.

"FAQ's About the Salem Witch Trials." Salem Witch Museum. Pickering Web Design, 2012. Web. 21 Oct. 2012.

Burr, George Lincoln, Narratives of the Witchcraft Cases, 1648 -1706. Notable Trials Library (1992).

Douglas, Linder. "The Witchcraft Trials in Salem: A Commentary ." Famous American Trials. The University of Virginia, 2002. Web. 24 Oct. 2012.

Miller, Arthur. The Crucible. New York: Penguin Group, 1976. Print.

"Similarities Between McCarthyism & The Crucible." Bright Hub Education. Bright Hub Inc., 2012. Web. 25 Oct. 2012. The Difference! Abigail is actually 12 years old during the witch trials. John Proctor is said to be in his sixties during the witch trials. Tituba is actually a Native American from the Arawak Tribe in South America. She was captured & sold as a slave in Barbados. She was actually between the ages of 12 & 17 when she worked under Rev. Parris. Abigail & Betty were the only girls who accused others of witchcraft. The other girls, who accused people of witchcraft, soon followed Abigail's footsteps into accusing the townspeople. Similarities John Proctor & Abigail actually did have some type of affair during the 1690s. Rebecca Nurse, Martha Corey, & Proctor was hanged on the same day. Elizabeth was pregnant in both the book/ movie & in real life. Abigail ran away from Salem as the witch trials came to an end. John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, & Martha Corey were hanged, but it was on separate dates not on the same day. **Rumor has it that Abigail became a prostitute in Boston, twenty years later. Visit these links on the true story of the Salem Witch Trials! Rebecca Nurse http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/salem/SAL_BNUR.HTM http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/salem/SAL_BEAS.HTM The Crucible http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/salem/SAL_CRU.HTM The 19 men & women who died http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/salem/ASAL_DE.HTM This map shows the locations of major landmarks, farms, land grants, physical features, and the dwellings of prominent and important residents in Salem during 1692. The warrant for Elizabeth Proctor's arrest. Abigail & Proctor, a scene when they were alone in the woods. Abigail tried to seduce him again, but it didn't work. In the town of Salem, MA, a group of girls goes dancing in the woods with a slave named Tituba. While dancing, the girls were caught by the minister named Reverend Parris. One of the girls enters into a coma, thus starting the rumor of witchcraft in the town of Salem. ***The townspeople believe that the girl was under a spell, but wakes up to the sound of Gospel. Thus making the villagers believe she was in a trance by a witch. This makes witchcraft seem more real as hysteria sets in. Even though the criticism about McCarthy was obvious, critics felt that the "The Crucible" was a self contained play about a horrible period in American history. Miller also wrote the screenplay for the movie version of "The Crucible." This is Arthur Miller, the author of The Crucible. McCarthyism: McCarthy's accusations ruined the lives of many people & led to an increase in hostilities. The Crucible: Anyone accused are assumed guilty, put on trial, expected to confess, & accuse others of being witches. McCarthyism: Whoever was accused were assumed guilty, put on trial, & "spill the beans" of other Communists. Crucible: Villagers weren't willing to stand up to the court because they were afraid of being accused of a witch. McCarthyism: The media was afraid to stand up against Senator McCarthy because they will be accused of being a Communist if they stood up against him.
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