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Finnish Vocational Education and Training

No description

Victoria Apasova

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of Finnish Vocational Education and Training

Finnish Vocational
Education and Training Finnish VET


Government support

Finnish Lifelong Learning CONTENT "Educate everyone equally and
include real life work practices as much as possible"

Public / formal fulltime education
vocational education Public / non-formal varying courses etc. Private / formal master’s
vocational education Private / non-formal internal / external training
vocational training
training & development courses
language training (job specific) "Finland is a northern country, but this does not mean that
the practices have to be cold" * * * * Apprenticeships Vocational Education and Training
private company
public education
student-employee. 1. Agreement between: 2. Type of vocational education Based on the concept of lifelong learning Government support for education
and training for foreigners : Over the next five years:
375,000 Finns will reach retirement age
325,000 youngsters will reach working age
50,000 free workplaces The Finnish workforce is
continuously shrinking language courses
adult education The participation rate of non-formal job-related education
Finland - 36%, OECD average - 18%

Finnish government policy aims to serve everyone equally
Adults receive competence-based qualifications Finnish Lifelong Learning 70% on-the-job learning
20% mentoring and coaching
10% traditional classroom learning ( 55,000 employees) Encouragement of personal and professional development Performance evaluations based on personal feedback Investing in People (IIP) process KESKO (retail store chains)

Own K-trainee programme at the K-instituutti. The year long programme including managerial, division, and chain specific training for graduates and others with limited work experience.
Well-organised VET and HRD

Collaboration between formal and non-formal, private and public education. Finland handled economic downturn relatively well Thank you
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