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The Enigma Machine

No description

tinashe muzira

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of The Enigma Machine

Brief History
The Enigma coding machine was invented by Arthur Scherbius. It had many improvements as years went by, and it was eventually used in WWII for Germany. The machines sent coded messages from operator to receiver. The German army was so confident in their machine and thought the Allies wouldn't be able to decode it. A German coder betrayed his country and gave vital information to the French, British, and Polish code breakers. The Enigma is historically significant because settings lists and instruction manuals eventually helped the Allies break the Enigma code and defeat Germany in war.
Important Facts and Dates
1918: Arthur Scherbius invented the Enigma in Berlin, Germany.
1925: The German Navy began using the Enigmas and called it "Enigma Funkschlussel C".
1927: Enigmas began to be sold internationally.
1931: The Enigma I was the first Enigma verson to use a plugboard, which created more space for the keyboard. The Germans used this type of Enigma during WWII.
1932: Polish knowledge of decoding the Enigmas were given to the French and British decoders.
1942: British decoders in Bletchley Park broke the Enigma code.
Pros and Cons

Encrypts messages
Hard to decode
Provides privacy and security
Simple to use
The Enigma Machine

Able to be decoded
May take a long time to receive messages
Able to be stolen
Sometimes heavy
Video Quiz
2. Which answer is something that the Enigma can NOT do?
a. send a coded message
b. change rotors everyday
c. have same letters in coded message and in actual message
d. receive a coded message
Video Quiz
3. True or false: If you have an Enigma machine, you can break any Enigma message.
Dates Quiz
4. In what year was the Enigma code broken?
Facts Quiz
5. What country was the Enigma invented in?
Answers to Quiz
1. B: Pick out 3 rotors
2. C: Have same letters in coded message as in actual message
3. False
4. 1942
5. Germany
Arthur Scherbius
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