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The Outsiders

No description


on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders

The Outsiders

Plot Evidence
Sodapop goes to help his friend Ponyboy after a Soc strikes him in the head
True Friends will Always be There for Each Other
Character Quotes..
"I'm sorry boys, but he's dying." pg 147. "We gotta see him."

"We're all proud of you buddy." (Dally) pg 148

"He was pretty torn up that night; We all were.." pg 156

"You got a concussion from getting kicked in the head-- Soda saw it. He landed all over that Soc." pg 157
This theme connects to our lives because it helps us understand that our friends are a big influence on the way we act, the things we like, and the way we see ourselves. Whether that they be positive influences or not, that fact stays the same.
Setting Evidence
A church on Jay Mt. became the refuge for Ponyboy and Johnny where their friendship grew.
by S. E. Hinton
This theme is true, in the real world, because friends help each other through hard times, like when someone may have lost a family member or pet or had lost their job; no matter what, they would stay by their side and help them to move on...
At the hospital, the greasers stayed with their friend Johnny until he died.
Sodapop and Darry stayed with Ponyboy while he was sick.
-The theme connects to real life because your friends are always there for you when you need them and will help you through whatever is happening to you.
They help you up when you're down and they make you laugh.
Connections to Life
Our Theme
The Theme's Impact on our Lives
Creators: Alex Morgan, Brooke Richardson, Landon Skemp, and Gabe Putnam
Why is this Theme True?
Why is this Theme True?
The End...
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