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Job Search Techniques

Tips to Effective Job Searching Online

Cynthia Preciado

on 17 April 2018

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Transcript of Job Search Techniques

Job Search
Job Search Techniques

Internet Tips
Hidden Job Market
Online Job Search
The majority of openings are
advertised online.
of available jobs are never advertised.
Did you know?
Source: Forbes.com

Job Preparation Guide
page 52-53
Cold Calling

What do I say?
Who do I call?
Job Preparation Guide page 55
Target companies that normally don't advertise job openings on-line.
Example of a Bad
Cold Call List
Example of a Good
Cold Call List
Industry: Any/ Open
Job Title: Any/ Open
Industry: Retail
Food Service

Position: Cashier
Customer Service
Sales Associate
How do I introduce myself?
Company Websites
Make a list
Companies you would like to work for
Companies near your home/ child care provider/ school

Visit their Website directly
Search for links to Career Opportunities
Mayflower Gardens
AV Country Club
Desert Christian Schools
Yellow Pages
Look up listings for local Businesses and contact them to see if they are hiring.
Cold Call
Visit Company Website
Chamber of Commerce
Pay attention to new businesses in your area.
How to tap into the Hidden Job Market?
Stand Out from the Crowd

Online Job Search Strategies
Job Search Websites
Recommended websites
Vary your search
Apply directly
Attaching your Resume

Online Application
Sending an Email

Look out for Help Wanted signs or simply make it a goal to walk into businesses and ask if they are hiring. Apply in person whenever possible.
Job Preparation Guide
Page 28
Key to Online Applications
Follow Up

In Person
Over the Phone
Save to Computer
Google Maps
Online Registration & Applications

Write down User Name & Password
Enter complete and accurate information on application
Allow enough time for assessments (30-60 minutes)
After completing registration and the application most online applications will have you complete an assessment.
Hi my name is Tina Smith and I wanted to follow up on an application I submitted a week ago for the Sales Associate position, can I please talk to Jerry, the hiring manager.
Hidden Job Market
Cold Calling
In Person
Targeted Job Search
Online Job Search
Job Search Websites
Online Registration & Applications
Attaching a Resume
Sending an E-mail
Follow up
Getting Credit
You must currently meet all requirements for every job you apply to.
Hot Jobs
ServiceCanadaE. "How to Find a Job in the Hidden Job Market". YouTube. 20 July 2012. Web. 9 July 2013. <http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=5zJsQE39IEw>.
Smith, Jacquelyn. 7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Your Job Search. Forbes. 17 April 2013. Web. 10 July 2013. <http://www.forbes.com/sites/jacquelynsmith/2013/04/17/7-things-you-probably-didnt-know-about-your-job-search/>.
Talkabout. "Craigslist Scams - 20 Ways to Identify Fake Job Scams". Hub Pages. 13 March 2012. Web. 9 July 2013. <Talkhttp://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/08/>.
Master the techniques for searching and applying for jobs.
Best ways to find a job
Hidden Job Market
Online Job search
Internet Tips
What are some of the comments people are making about being able to find a job in today's economy?
No one is
Everything is online!
No one will hire
someone with
a __________.
(Fill in the blank)
Everything that has worked before will continue to work. The only difference is that the tools have changed.
- Joshua Waldman Author of Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies
It is important to keep in mind that a resume, application, computer, and social media are only tools to getting job leads and to apply for openings they are not what gets you hired.

Who you know, your qualifications, and personal qualities are what gets you hired!
Networking Using
Social Media
What are the facts about finding employment in today's economy?
Only 3.5 % of available jobs are posted on Job Boards
Job Boards like Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, etc. charge employers between $400-$800 to advertise job openings

Even Craigslist charges employers to advertise job openings, $25 per posting

As of January of 2014 there were 4 million job openings, that is 85% higher than in 2009
Los Angeles County has experienced a steady increase in job opportunities and decrease in unemployment rates
Source: Josh Waldman
Source: Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
Best and Worst Ways to Look for a job
Ways to Find a Job
Ways to Find a Job
Job Preparation Guide pgs. 50-55
What Color is Your Parachute 2014, Bolles
Job Preparation Guide pgs. 50-55
What Color is Your Parachute 2014, Bolles
How can I use social media to help me find a job?
Ask family and friends for leads. Write a brief to the point post that spells out what you are looking for.
Join regional job search groups.
Research potential companies. Look up the companies your friends work for or have worked for and see if they are hiring.
Follow up with anyone who comments or offers help. Take the
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