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Exposición de Ingles.

Catalina Mayorga

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Design

BATTLE OF ILLUSTRATORS The fight begins... Francisco Miranda, ''Tooco'' Julian de Narvaez The colors are
degraded... In his illustrations is a great
development of character
detail and background. His work is figurative... The characters are
often animals with
some ornaments.

And other characters are
magical creatures like
fairies or wizards. He is Colombian
designer... His work was inpirate in a fantastic circus and vintage style.

His illustrations has a child stage and surreal things. He is a Argentinean designer... His work was inspirate in a surreal and unbelievable
worlds. The abstract art and the engineering are present
in his illustrations. Abstract Worlds... With geometric shapes, Tooco created
amazing worlds... Flat
Color... The graphs of
Tooco are vectors, and
the colors' re
simple. Does Their job is to do graffiti, murals, and tags on the streets of the city . He is a dutch graffiti Graffiti is characterized ..... By its use
as a graphic language , the wild style Uses a range, of bright colors ....
Which applies brilliantly , and are a touch different than shocking and gives his compositions .
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