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Alien life

No description

Bevan moore

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Alien life

Alien Life
How water is needed.
Kepler is a super telescope in space that detects 0.01 dimmings in stars, with this nasa can detect planets orbiting stars. then scienticts use its measureing camera to measure how far it is from its star, if its in a certian range, it may be able to hold life. if we find life on one of these planets, lots of questions could be aswered.
The mars rover called "Curiosity" has found water as a liquid, now the curioity's main role is to find some life form on the big red plenet.
Doomed city on mars.
An UFOlogist and the author of a blog called UFO Sightings Daily claims to have discovered a "doomed city" on the surface of Mars. Scott Waring believes he made the discovery while studying photographs from NASA expeditions to the planet's surface.








What a alien would need to live on neptune.
If an alien lived on neptune, (it cant happen. but anyway.) it would need armour strong as a diamond because it rains diamonds on neptune and uranus. (true fact, google it.) humans cant live on neptune 1. because its too cold and our blood will freeze! and 2. all water will freeze in 2 seconds.
The earth is 150 million kilometers from our sun, this lets water be a liquid, without water in this form, we could never have evolved. Also we need water to keep our body healthy. we are trying to find a planet in this distence because it may hold life.
Rat on mars.
Curiosity has found a rat like creature on mars, curiosity has been studying this rat for about a month.
The rat on mars.
Water on mars
Peoples opinions.
What a planet would need to hold life.
Heat source. (most likely a star.)
A planet. (obviosly.)
Water. (in liquid form.)
Without these requirments, no life can ever be created.
1. How water is needed.
2. Kepler.
3. What a planet would need to hold life.
4. What an alien would need to life on neptune.
5. westhall ufo
6. Water on mars.
7-8. Rat on mars.
9. Doomed city on mars.
10. Opinions.
11. URL's.
Westhall UFO.
At 11.00 am on Wednesday, 6 April 1966, a class of students and a teacher from Westall Secondary College were just completing sport on the main oval when an object, described as being a grey saucer like craft with a slight purple hue and being about twice the size of a family car.
Thank you for reading my prezi!
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