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No description

Laura Gomez

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Activism

People needing money for social

Self financing
not always available or sufficient
affects the economy of the individual
not enough experience and/or time
Enabling social workers
to become
social entrepreneurs
How might we change the public opinion to make them recognize that social entrepreneurs have the right to live only working for a cause?
How might we change the mind of social workers to make them see the benefits of building a social business?
How might we help social entrepreneurs to have enough time to build their business without neglecting the cause they support?
Social outsourcing
Business counseling
Web design
Administrative processes
Small groups and individual social workers struggle to get funds to follow their passion. They usually spend their own money or sell self made products to get resources.
The facts
Superheroes: their work is invaluable. DONATE - GIVE - PARTICIPATE
Superheroes: not all are millionaires. DONATE - GIVE - PARTICIPATE
Superheroes: Which is the right salary for them? DONATE - GIVE - PARTICIPATE
Superheroes: Whom else will they help without other worries? DONATE - GIVE - PARTICIPATE
Make a contribution to make their work easier
Not everyone has the vocation, but we all have something to give
Social worker is contacted or learns about the service
Social worker and support team approve collaboration project.
A service provided by governmental programs or entrepreneur institutes.
Social workers give a great service to the

working with the government in addressing some of the biggest needs and problems.
that will help the entrepreneurs to build their business letting them have time to keep on with
With a team of professionals
social work
Support will be given until social entrepreneurs are able to run it for themselves, charging only a small percentage of the profits.
Appointment to analyze the activities the social worker does and the possibilities to build a small business project from them.
An associate is assigned to the project and will accompany the social worker through all the steps of building the business until they can run it all by themselves.
Together, they will fulfill all the administrative requirements and define what is needed to be developed by the support team, leaded by experts with a group of students of different backgrounds making social service.
The business starts production and marketing under the supervision of the associate assigned.
When the new business is ready, the associate leaves.
New Business
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