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Killing Mr. Griffin

Mackenzie Howard's Killing Mr. Griffin project. May 2014

Mackenzie Howard

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Killing Mr. Griffin

Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan
The plan was only to scare their English teacher...
They never actually intended to kill Mr. Griffin. But sometimes plans go wrong.
Susan McConnell
Background: 3 brothers (twins Francis and Melvynne, 7, and Craig, 12)
Appearance: bony, glasses, narrow face, high forehead, mousy hair
Traits: quiet, sad, shy, smart, dreamer
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Mark Kinney
Background: Moved to Albuquerque in 7th grade after his dad died in a fire and his mom had a breakdown; lived with aunt and uncle
Appearance: Lean, expressionless, heavy-lidded
Traits: cruel, manipulative, sadistic
David Ruggles
Background: invalid grandmother, hard-working mother, father ran away when he was young
Appearance: elvin-faced, heart-clenching smile, slight frame, gentle eyes, fine-boned
Traits: smart, caring, responsible
Betsy Cline
Background: Jeff is her boyfriend; she's an only child.
Appearance: round, snub-nosed, pussycat face, short muscular legs, freckles, blonde hair
Traits: All American girl, cruel, attention-seeking
Jeff Garrett
Background: Met Mark in 7th grade; Betsy's boyfriend
Appearance: big, broad-shouldered
Traits: loud, quick-tempered
This book has one main problem: What to do after Mr. Griffin is dead. Some of the conflict types in this book are Susan vs. Self, Mark vs. Society, and Mark vs. Mr. Griffin.
Music: Burn by Nine Inch Nails
In this book there are many symbols. One of these symbols was the wind. The wind often represents freedom, and it was used in this way throughout the book. For example, when Susan first met David, the wind blew his papers out of his hand, which led to the entire rest of the book. Another more direct use of this symbol was on the college ring- on it was inscribed 'Die Luft der Freiheit weht', which means 'The wind of freedom blows'.
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