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Rounding to the nearest ten

rounding numbers second grade class

yoselyn parra

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Rounding to the nearest ten

by: Yoselyn Parra Rounding to the nearest ten We use rounding when we want to estimate.

We use numbers that are easy to use like 10, 20, 30..?

We use estimates and rounding in everyday problems when we don’t need an exact number.

If you can put numbers in order and skip count by 10’s then you can round. What is a rounding to the nearest ten? Locate your digit in the number line

Locate the two ten’s that are to the right and left side of your digit

For the digits 5 thru 9 round the number up the line

For the digits 4 or less round that number down the line Rules of rounding

Take a loot at the 100 rounding chart Rounding Chant video Estimate Example: Mom asking dad for money to buy pair of shoes. He ask how much she wants and she says about $30 because the shoes might cost between $25 and $30. Estimate means:
About, close to, almost, approximately

is not an exact answer
Example: think of a roller coaster Directions:

Round the number on the rocket to the nearest ten
Draw a line from each rocket to the planet with the correct number Individual work Homework
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