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Gay & Lesbian Rights

No description

LGBT Rights

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Gay & Lesbian Rights

Gay & Lesbian

Past/Current Struggles
1) Employment Non-Discrimination Act (E.N.D.A.)

1) The Employment Non-Discrimination Act

2) Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy

3) Banning/Legalizing Marriage
Issues existing internationally?

- Iran- homosexuality is punishable by death

- Nigeria- homosexuality or not turning in a homosexual is punishable with a 14 year prison term
Con-Gay Rights
- Before the 20th century-burned alive.

- Arrest and brutal fighting

- In 2005, 2,475 assaults were influenced by homophobia

- deaths due to bullying

- Limited amount of states where gay marriage is legal
Pro-Gay Rights
1) The reason for marriage is not based on reproduction and if people think it is then infertile couples wouldn't be allowed to marry
2) Hiliary Clinton said, "Gay rights are human rights."
3) Same-sex couples should be allowed the express themselves publicly and celebrate their commitment in all states
1)Marriage should not be extended to same-sex couples because they can't produce children together
2) Gay marriage may lead to more children being raised in same-sex households, which are not an optimum environment because children need both a mother and father.
3) Institution of marriage has traditionally been defined as between a man and a woman
What Laws Were Chipped Away?
Issues existing Statewide
- Not legalizing same sex marriage
- Hate crimes that existed and still exist
Issues Existing Locally
- No current issues exist locally








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