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Week 5 Lesson 2: Exploring theme

No description

Liam Brooks

on 5 March 2017

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Transcript of Week 5 Lesson 2: Exploring theme

Week 5 Lesson 2: Exploring theme
Exploting themes
LI: To further explore
in This Boy's Life.

SC: Students will be able to analyse a theme from This Boy's Life using the
claim> supporting evidence
5-Minute Quick Write
Activity: Exploring themes in This Boy's Life
- Below is a list of common themes in literature/art/film/poetry etc.

- Choose one and try to list as many works (i.e. books, films, poems, songs, plays etc.) that utilise this theme.

Change versus tradition
Chaos and order
Character – destruction, building up
Coming of age
Convention and rebellion
Dangers of ignorance
Darkness and light
Death – inevitable or tragedy
Desire to escape
Destruction of beauty
Disillusionment and dreams
Everlasting love
Evils of racism
Facing darkness
1. Each person is allocated a letter.

2. Working individually.

3. Brainstorm a particular theme by searching for evidence (people, events, quotes).

4. We have 35 minutes.

5. Discussion to follow.
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